7 Homesteading Tips for Self-Sufficient Homeowners

February 18, 2021

Getting to the point where you're living on your own, sustaining your own lifestyle, and thriving on your own homestead is might be a challenge. That said, it's a challenge worth every minute of work that you put into it.

We're going to explore a few homesteading tips for you to think about today, giving you a little insight into ways that you can achieve your goal of homesteading.

Hopefully, the ideas below will help you demystify the idea of homesteading and send you on the right track.

1. Give Yourself a Lot of Time

First things first, don't think that just because you couldn't live on your own right now that it's not possible.

If homesteading is something that you truly want to do, draw up a five-year plan for yourself. Fill your plan with educational milestones that you'd like to achieve, financial points to reach, and steps that you have to get to.

You should learn about farming, home maintenance, and various other ways to stay afloat on your own terms. Additionally, you should look into ways that you can get your savings accounts to the point where you can live minimally off of their interest.

While we don't need a lot of income to survive on a homestead, there are times when medical attention is needed or we have to access money for an unexpected event.

2. Start with Small Tasks

It's unreasonable to think that you could purchase a plot of land and begin farming effectively without any practice.

It's important that you start small with your skill sets and work your way up. Start by working with a small garden in the place you currently live. Try to grow a variety of foods and plants that you might need for your life on your own property.

Take detailed notes about how things go, your process, and what you think you could improve on. You're also lucky that you have the internet at your disposal.

There are bound to be tutorials on growing any plant or food that you could ever need. You just have to start small and figure out how your process works as you move forward.

3. Start Researching Land Now

Just because you're not going to move to your homestead for a few years doesn't mean you shouldn't start researching different parts of the country that might be great for living off of the land.

Unless you're particularly, crafty and tough, we suggest finding somewhere that in a Southern climate! Living off of the land when the land is coated in ice and sub-zero temperatures can be a little difficult.

You should also scope out the types of soil and terrain that the land you buy should be in. Soil quality is something we're all impacted by, but it's only when you start to think about growing food that you're really put in contact with how important it is.

4. Do You Plan on Hunting?

While many of us don't hunt on a regular basis, animals are an excellent food source for those who are living off of the land.

Hunting, though, is a challenging skill that takes some time to develop and understand. Additionally, there is a set of rules and regulations that govern the area you'll be living in.

If you think that hunting is a reasonable thing for you to do when you move, it'd be wise to start developing those skills now. Not only should you think about tracking and hunting the animal, but you should also learn to effectively clean, preserve, and prepare the animals that you might hunt.

Having this skill will be particularly useful, especially if you plan to live in an area that freezes over in the winter.

5. Plan to Prepare Your Farmland

Affordable plots of land might not be prepared with soil that's suitable for farming just yet. You may have to do some demolition or work with a tractor service like Big Moe to get your soil in the right condition to start planting seeds.

Depending on the nature of your land, there might be some more work that has to be done with landscaping and excavating. This is especially true if you're going to build a house on the land.

6. Are You Building the Home?

Building a home on a homestead is a touch that might help you create an environment that's perfect for you. While an existing home might do the trick, building your own will allow you to add features that optimize the land for your needs, your family, and your general experience.

If you're going to build a home on land that doesn't have any existing structures, your property value will increase a significant amount. This leads us to our next step.

7. Consider Passive Financial Options

As we mentioned before, having access to a significant amount of money is sometimes necessary, no matter how you live your life.

One way to do this, especially with greatly improved homestead land, is through refinancing. This is the process of taking your land or a home mortgage and reworking it based on the existing value of the land.

Land and homes tend to appreciate in value over time, regardless of improvements made. When you do a good deal of work to land (creating a farm, building a home, etc.), that land becomes far more valuable.

Refinancing allows you to get that added value. You take out a loan for the value of the current land and repay the existing balance on your previous one. This way, you get the difference of whatever's left.

In some cases, that could be hundreds of thousands of dollars to contribute to your homestead needs.

Need More Homesteading Tips?

Hopefully, the homesteading tips above were useful to you as you get started in your journey to living on your own. There's a lot more to learn, though.

We're here to help you out in that department. Explore our site for more ideas on self-sustaining, homesteading, and a lot more.


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