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A Homeowner’s Guide To Swimming Pool Cleaning During COVID

Having a swimming pool in your home puts you in a good place as it adds luxury to your lifestyle. You can take a dip whenever you want, so you are at an advantage as public pools are closed due to the pandemic. Even if they open up, swimming at home is your best defense against the infection. But homeowners have to stay a step ahead with the cleaning and maintenance schedules for the home pool.

It becomes all the more vital during the pandemic when hygiene is a critical concern. You need to think beyond the basics of cleaning and take extra measures to keep your family safe and healthy. Here are some cleaning measures that homeowners must implement to keep their families safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Skim and scrub regularly

You will probably know the importance of skimming the debris off of the surface, but make sure that you stick to a daily schedule now. You have to be extra conscious about hygiene because getting sick compromises immunity, which elevates the risk of COVID-19. Swimming in clean water keeps you healthy, and there are fewer chances of contracting infections. Apart from skimming the surface regularly, you also need to scrub the sides to prevent algae build-up. Once every other week is enough to keep the pool clean and healthy. But you must do it sooner if you notice suspicious growth on the sides.

Get professional treatment more frequently

Even the most diligent homeowners cannot handle pool cleaning on their own because it isn’t a DIY job. If you have maintained one for a few years now, you will probably know the value of chemical treatment. Consider taking the professional Pool Chemical Service more frequently now. It makes sense because the health and safety of your family matter more in the pandemic era. Professional cleaners use the best chemicals to ensure a perfect chemical balance for pool water. You have the peace of mind that your loved ones can swim at home without worrying about any risks to their health.

Go the extra mile with disinfecting the poolside

Even as you have to be sure that the water is clean and healthy, you cannot ignore hygiene at the poolside. You may not host the regular pool parties at home amid the pandemic, there is always a risk of family members bringing in the virus from outside. Clean and disinfect the deck every day and sanitize the area before and after taking a dip. Have soaps and sanitizers around so that your loved ones can use them to stay safe from the virus. If anyone in the family isn’t well or has symptoms, keep them away from the pool. It is better to isolate them to keep everyone else safe.

Right now, you must do everything you can to keep your family safe from the infection. Even if pool cleaning requires extra effort, they are worthwhile. You can rest assured about the safety and enjoy the dip with your family.



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