Building Perfect Patio in San Jose

February 3, 2021

Professionals will build your dream patio for you, but how will you ensure it to be the best? Here are some tips to help you build the perfect patio.

San Jose is the largest city in Northern California and is the cultural, political, and financial center of Silicon Valley. The people here love their houses and often dream of building patios. So if you have recently bought a house here with a backyard, either big or small, you’ve come to the right place for constructing your dream patio.

The Right Theme & Style

You can opt for diamond-shaped pavers with colors of warm beige and greys or a rustic aesthetic with wooden slabs and cobblestones. Whatever you choose, make sure it matches your idea of a perfect patio and complements your garden.

The main focus should also be given to choosing the right style. It should be in sync with your landscape and the outlook of your garden. Patios surrounded by plants have a natural feel to them that would make you get up every morning and have tea/coffee or breakfast out in the fresh air.

Of course, when building a patio, you would need to hire professionals to do the job. You can ask them to add a roof over the patio to avoid the sun or the rain from pouring on your furniture and drenching it. San Jose Patio Covers can build covers with the materials you ask for and in contrast with the style you choose to design your patio.

Provide Rooms or Spaces

When considering building a patio, you need to also think ahead in the future. What do you plan on doing here? If it’s only for relaxation, then you need not think too much about adding unnecessary decorations. However, if you plan on having parties and cooking and you like being the host, you can make separate rooms or have spaces large enough to build an outdoor kitchen or place a long table for you and your guests. Whatever it is, your patio should reflect on what you like doing best.

Features You Can Add

For dinner parties and Sunday brunches, you can add in a built-in kitchen, which would include many amenities with it. If you’re planning on constructing patio covers, the kitchen area is a must. You can have your breakfast and lunches without the sun hitting your eyes and without the rain soaking your food.

You can also add a pizza oven, build a vintage fireplace, cozy benches or sofas, some pleasant looking plants here and there, and a lot more. You can also ask the builders to build you a water fountain if you have space for it.

Choose The Right Furniture

This is important as your patio design should complement your furniture and vice versa. If you go for a light color palette, you can choose patio furniture designs that are simple and easy on the eyes. If you plan on making it look grand, then you can add vibrant color to your patio design and invest in furniture that would be in contrast with it.

Install Lights

Installing warm yellow or orange lights on your patio will make you enjoy the outdoors after hours. The ambiance would set the tone for candlelight dinners, romantic evenings, and even to achieve peace in solitude. Also, installing lights along pathways will help you see better and not stumble in the dark.

You can also add in outdoor kitchen lights for dinner parties if you plan to cook outdoors and spend the evening chopping and incorporating ingredients.

Select Quality Materials

When selecting patio designs of hard surfaces, select not only the ones that look beautiful and classy but also made of good quality. Good quality patio materials are guaranteed for life and will survive hot summers and harsh winters. Products made with iron oxide pigments are said to resist heat, UV rays, and harmful chemicals.


Building a patio is expensive, and it is critical as the features you’ll add or the quality of materials that you’ll use depends entirely on your budget. Therefore, one thing you can do is to use or pair your new items with some old, inexpensive ones. For instance, pairing concrete pavers with grass joints would give your patio a pleasant and unique look, all the while becoming a little easier on your pocket.


Use products that are simple to maintain, like log-shaped concrete and rock pavements that need less repair but last longer than composite or wooden materials. Choose hardscape materials that would require only spot cleaning once in a while and replacing sand between pavers regularly.

You can also go for low-maintenance gardens that would be easier for you to manage and save you some money, which you would otherwise have spent on mowing, seeding, and watering. In this day and age of people having less time on their hands, this is the best way to ensure your house, patio, and garden look beautiful in every season with less effort.

Learn The Rules

If you are planning on building a patio and have already selected the builders and the designs without checking the building codes for the construction of patios, punitive actions may be taken against you. Therefore, before making a decision on the building of a patio, make sure you go through the rule book of building codes in San Jose. The rules differ from area to area. Therefore, you need to know the rules and build your patio accordingly.

Every construction needs good planning and an adequate budget to create and build something beautiful. So, plan on ahead, starting with going through the rule book of building codes at the area you live in, to preparing a budget for the construction, and eventually to building your dream patio.


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