Factors to Consider When Selecting Best Pool Pump

February 9, 2021

Apart from your swimming pool pump cost, when you are looking for the best pool pump, it would be best if you focused on other factors. The other main items to look at includes brand, size, speed, voltage, and horsepower. Best for your pool has a low maintenance cost and saves you energy, and price should come last. Let's jump into the most important things you need to consider before settling with the best pool pump, whether for an inground or above ground pool, saltwater, or non-saltwater pool. All you need when selecting a pool pump is right here.

The pool Size

You need to calculate the flow of water through the pool filters to assist you in selecting the right pool pump. Follow simple steps to calculate the flow rate hour that will be sufficient for your swimming pool. To achieve this, calculate the size of your pool in gallons and divide it by 8. These are the standard hours a pool pump should take for complete water circulation. You should then divide the flow rate per hour by 60 minutes to determine GPM your pool will need.

Input Voltage and Horse Power

Pool pumps work if you wire it directly to a power line or an inline that plugs directly to power. Either of the power connections will make it work. However, you need to use the correct amount of Voltage depending on the size of your pool. Pool pumps come in 110 and 220 voltage levels. The 110 is the lowest while 220 the highest Voltage most pool pumps can offer you.

Speed of the Pump

The speed of the pump is one of the most important factors to consider. Pumps come in three types of speed gauge; low, medium, and high speed. The pool pump's rate is directly proportional to the amount of power you are likely to save and vice versa. You can choose any of the three-speed types of pool pump for your swimming pool. Your choice depends on the pool size. The three types include single speed, dual speed, and variable speed.

Single Speed Pool Pump

Single-speed pool pumps come with the one-speed setting, and you cannot be altered. Single-speed pool pumps were the most common in the past. However, some people still buy it for ease of use. However, you cannot reduce the speed setting even when your pool needs slow pumping.

Dual Speed Pool Pump

The dual-speed pool pump comes with "Low" and "High" speed settings options. You can tune your pump's speed to low speed and save on energy, mostly when the pool is not used.

Variable Speed Pump

Variable speed pump is arguably the best of swimming pool pumps. The pump comes with a permanent magnetic motor, and therefore doesn't need electricity to rotate the rotor. It would help if you thought of pumps that are more efficient, quiet, and last longer than pumps that use induction motors. A variable speed pump is the best option when it comes to energy saving. You can digitally regulate the water flow rate through the pool filters depending on your pool's status.

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