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Five Reasons to Hire a Company to Fertilize Your Lawn


There’s nothing quite like a well-maintained, verdant green and glorious lawn. An aesthetically pleasing lawn isn’t just easy on the eyes; it’s a key ingredient in making your home’s architecture stand out creatively. Of course, taking care of your yard requires a consistent maintenance schedule and significant attention to detail. Sometimes, it can be difficult to handle everything on your own. Fortunately, lawn care companies exist for this very reason: to remove the hassle of going the DIY route while providing professional and affordable maintenance services.

We’ve put together a list of reasons why you may want to consider hiring a lawn care company to fertilize your lawn the next time you overhaul and redesign your yard. Check it out below:

It’s Inexpensive

The initial costs associated with seeding, fertilizing and preparing a lawn can run a little high. However, fertilization is only in the $40-$140 range (the average is around $70). Doing it yourself after the cost of supplies and labor might only save you a few bucks or cost even more. Synthetic and granular fertilizers tend to be on the smaller end of the spectrum, while organic water soluble fertilizers cost a bit more. Overall, this is a rather small investment with a massive future payoff.

It Reduces Insects and Weeds

Weeds are the scourge of any lawn or garden. They don’t merely bring down the aesthetics of your one, they actively seek to destroy your grass. How? Weeds typically attract pests and other insects to your yard, which can definitely cause issues with healthy plants. Worse, weeds are plants too; they will compete with your healthy grass for water and nutrients from your soil. When Weeds invade another space, it opens up the area to the threat of disease and infestation that potentially creates long-term damage.

It’ll Keep Your Plants Healthy

The benefits of fertilization last for a long time. Healthy and properly fertilized soil keeps grass green and plants alive. Fertilizing once or twice per year, during seasons when the grass grows the most can keep your plants healthy and growing. Half of the nitrogen in high-quality fertilizers releases slowly. The other half is stabilized, effectively keeping your plants fed over long periods. Fertilization helps feed grass even after potential nutrients within the soil are washed away or otherwise lost due to natural or unexpected events.

It Gives Your Lawn a Professional Appearance

Perhaps nothing is better than having a professional looking, beautiful lawn. Proper lawn fertilization contributes significantly to this desired outcome. So, how does one acquire such a wonderful thing? It’s as easy as hiring a professional lawn care service to help with your fertilization meets. Professional lawn fertilization companies specialize in understanding your law’s soil quality and fertilization needs and creating a customized fertilizing and maintenance plan based on them. Professional services often use enriched, high grade products to make grass grow healthy and vibrant with lasting results.

It Increases Your Property’s Value

Did you know that having a professionally cultivated, verdant green, lush lawn actually positively contributes to your home’s property value? Real estate agents often recommend tending to the lawn before putting your house up for sale. The green and lovely nature of a well-kept lawn inspires buyers and can give you a return of investment of almost 400% over time. Invest a few hundred dollars in lawncare and you may end up a few thousand dollars richer when your property sells. It’s amazing how one simple investment can create such value. even if you’re not selling, your property value will still be higher and you can be secure in that knowledge while enjoying your beautiful lawn.


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