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February 5, 2021


Are power outages frequent in your area? If so, your generator must be in optimal condition at all times to supply your household with electrical energy when most necessary.

Nevertheless, the largest part of homeowners takes no proper care of these units, hence experiencing unexpected defects. There are numerous generator technicians specializing in generator repair, maintenance, and problem diagnosis.

Make sure you hire local electrical contractors when experiencing one of the following problems with your unit.

Battery malfunction

It’s common for residential generators to experience battery malfunction, failing to start when homeowners need them the most. If you are experiencing such severe electrical problems then it is advised to employ professionals. This situations are result of some major issues and are caused by connections that have not been properly maintained and have become loose over time. In order for your battery to perform optimally, the connections should be inspected for dust and fastened regularly.

Moreover, battery malfunction might be caused by an accumulation of lead sulfates, impeding the unit from providing an electrical current. In such scenarios, homeowners are left with no other alternative but to have the battery replaced. The average lifespan of generator batteries is about three years, after which household residents need to have them replaced so as to avoid unexpected failures.

Level 2 Electrical contractors are the right professionals to hire when coping with battery malfunction. These specialists will have your battery inspected for damage and replace it if necessary. Additionally, homeowners are advised to hire electricians from tweed heads for the purpose of battery maintenance in order to have it regularly cleaned and inspected for deterioration.


Another reason for homeowners to hire the professional assistance of home electrical contractors is when experiencing a leak. These units are susceptible to fuel, coolant, and oil leaks, each type triggered by different issues. Go to this site to check out ten tips for using a generator safely.

For instance, fuel leaks usually stem from damaged fuel lines or pump system problems. An electrical contractor is capable of locating the source of the fuel leak in no time, as well as proposing the best solution for the problem.

Moreover, coolant leaks occur whenever the levels of the reservoir are lower than the recommended limit, making the heat sensors turn the generator off. Such leaks are mainly caused by deteriorated cylinder gaskets, faulty sleeves, or damaged cylinder heads. An experienced electrical contractor will detect the root of the problem after a short inspection, as well as repair or replace the damaged parts.

Ultimately, oil leaks are a common problem in homeowners using generators much below their optimal capacity, thus leaving plenty of excess fuel. In fact, the main cause of oil leaks is believed to be wet stacking, referring to the accumulation of lube oil, acids, and carbon particles.

The longer you leave wet stacking untreated, the higher the risk of engine damage. Therefore, make sure to contact an electrical contractor as soon as you notice signs of oil leaking. Make sure you visit the following link,, to gain a better understanding of wet stacking.


Coolant levels in generators are supposed to be regularly monitored in order to prevent the unit from overheating. Low coolant levels are mainly triggered by internal or external leaks, which are easy to spot due to the presence of puddles. Also, an overheating generator might result from poor coolant circulation, stemming from a deteriorated hose.

In addition, the unit might get overheated because of dirt accumulation on the generator’s exterior, preventing heat from being released from the unit. Clogged fuel injectors are another common cause of overheating, forcing the engine to work harder in order to compensate for the low levels of fuel.

Furthermore, engine overheating might be caused by different external and internal environmental factors. For instance, high temperatures and humidity levels prevent normal heat dissipation, making the engine use more power to cool itself off.

In contrast, those homeowners keeping their units in the basement might experience an overheating issue due to a lack of airflow. An electrical contractor will determine the exact cause of overheating and take the necessary measures to get heat dissipation back to normal.

Final word

Using this equipment occasionally is no excuse for neglecting its condition.

Hire certified technicians for preventative maintenance and 24/7 repair!


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