How to become a better online teacher?

February 8, 2021

There is a significant difference between teachers and good teachers. Good teachers have a huge impact on learners, and do you know how? Yes, with the skills and good manners they Show. Good teacher changes the world and makes students become that "changers." So, dear, don't try to become a teacher but an excellent teacher. These skills are also essential in online teaching.

If you are an online teacher or planning to become an online teacher, keep reading!

Ordinary people may think that there are not online teachers and there is no need to consider how to become a better one because students don't feel anything in this way. But the only truth is that eLearning teachers should be more attentive while creating training videos because they are not just education providers for children but also for mature people.

A lot of advantages that provide online teaching are also connected with good professors who make classes more attractive and fruitful.

Make your lessons more exciting, and continue reading to reveal all the secrets that will help you become lovely for your students!

The most important thing - Show your face!

It is more and more effective to show your face than just simple narrated slideshows. Show your slides with a video of yourself. Let your students feel you and all the emotions you want to give them. For instance, it is essential to look at body language, gestures, and even props in public speaking. If you wish to your students, understand you just show yourself because classes in which someone does presentations or give performances require visuals.

Consider your target audience!

So this will help you understand how to share your knowledge, prepare material and write the content plan. So if you are an English teacher for beginners, you should interestingly behave yourself trying to make students – in your lessons. Sometimes you can show the subjects you are speaking about! It is not so hard to – what kind of questions could the students ask you if there was no online teaching.

Make short presentations!

Research has shown that videos longer than 15 minutes are not exciting and do not motivate people to watch till the end. But if you have more to speak about, record 2 or 3 videos. 94% of respondents state that e-learners preferred courses lasting 10 minutes over longer ones.

Use existing resources!

Everyone can take book material and use that source to make a presentation or speak about it. Try to differentiate and use pre-developed sources available online and give learners information with clickable links. Be attentive and check the report several times to be sure it is not misinformation; otherwise, you will fail the whole course!

Provide interactive activities!

Nowadays, learning management systems make classes exciting and create interactive learning exercises such as quizzes, virtual brainstorming sessions, Q&A eLearning blogs, video conferencing debates, etc. By the way, you can use auto-checking to measure the attendance of students in your classes. In this way, students will be more attentive and responsible, and you will be satisfied with your work and save time 'cause the digital world will help you. So use new technology to help you save time and energy.

Feel free to show your feelings!

Emotionally openness is encouraged and required, don't hide your feelings, and feel free to communicate with your students. As I have already mentioned, body language is so important, and this also helps learners feel the lesson and study with high motivation. Sometimes jokes are encouraged. Yet, be careful about your gestures when you deal with a foreign audience. The meanings of the body language gestures differ from culture to culture.

Be clear in your message!

Speak laconically but with fruitful examples. If you have a chance, try to show every possible thing to make students understand easily. It is better to see once than read about it a thousand times!

Get your audience engaged! Create interactions with students so that they will be more engaged, which will provide more effective teaching methods. When students are engaged, they tend to perform better. Make them repeat after you 'cause in this way e-Learners tend to process material more deeply, which leads to successful retention of the material.

Read a lot and improve yourself!

Only reading and researching can make you a good teacher, 'cause you have to know everything connected with your profession and that field. Read, write down the best literature list, suggest your students read the best ones too. But make sure they could find them or provide links to the websites from where they can download; otherwise, each student who will be interested in your comments will ask you. Try to reach for self-improvement. A great teacher should think and see where they can improve. Maybe those improvements are connected with teaching methods, subject matter, or people-skills.

Enjoy your work!

Think that you have a good influence on others. No matter your role, your purpose right now has to be to become a motivation for your students; your success story should inspire them. Add value to your or other's experience of life. Ensure you feel meaning, value, and purpose in your work, that you realize the main idea of your goal. It would be best if you focused on how you feel when you are doing your favorite job. Do everything to discover what makes you feel alive and happy!

Let's conclude and realize the importance of online teaching nowadays!

Online learning is becoming more common today, and educators must go beyond their comfort zone to reach students. Technology is instrumental in helping teachers create significant training environments. Successful teachers have clear objectives. Every time after recording the video classes, think whether or not it was enough. If you were a beginner, would you understand the whole material in this way? What should you add to your classes to make them more transparent and understandable? It's the 21st century, and you need to know that this way of teaching is one of the most important methods.  Master your subject area, do not stop learning!



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