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How to Get on Top of a Bed Bug Problem in Your House

It can be stressful to find your home infested by bed bugs that bite and produce painful rashes. If left unattended, bed bugs can overwhelm your existence in the very place you want to relax and rest. While it is proven that professional pest control companies are the best for getting rid of the bed bug problem, there are quite a few practices that you need to indulge in for keeping bed bugs from giving you a miserable time.

Recognize the Signs of Bed Bug Infestation 

It can be difficult to spot bed bugs because not only are they small but also experts in hiding till they come out at night to feast on your blood. Often, the first sign of a bed bug infestation is red bumps on your skin that can itch like hell. If you look carefully, you may also be able to spot rust-colored spots of their excrement on your mattress and sheets. In case, the infestation is really bad you may be able to smell a musky odor, however, many other pests too can be responsible.

Hot Wash Your Fabrics

Once you are sure that your home is infested with bed bugs, you should wash your clothes, bed sheets, towels, and anything else possible in your washing machine with hot water and then drying them at high heat. According to Huffington Post, you can also put other items that you cannot wash into the dryer and heat them for half an hour to effectively kill the bugs.

Clean Your Mattress Thoroughly 

Even though bed bugs can be found all over your home, they are most commonly found in your mattress. You should use a stiff brush to scrub the mattress, especially the seams to loosen the shells and the eggs, and then vacuum the mattress all over to suck up the bugs and the eggs. Since the vacuum cleaner is now infested, you should seal it in a plastic bag and keep it outside for a few days till the bugs die. You can also leave your mattress in the bright sunshine for a few days to get rid of the bed bugs, however, in case of a serious infestation; you may have to buy a new mattress, according to Elite Pest bed bug control.

Get Rid of the Clutter in Your Home

Bed bugs are attracted to places where they can easily hide and multiply. It is, therefore, vital to keep your home free of clutter. Since dry and cool areas make the perfect breeding grounds for bed bugs, you should make it a point to get rid of anything underneath your bed and clean your closets of all the stuff you don’t need such as books, journals, clothes, and especially kitchen supplies.


Since heat is a big deterrent to bed bug infesting your home, you should use a steam cleaner at high heat to spray every room and space to kill the bugs and the eggs. Pay special attention to window trims, carpets, closet shelves, etc. in case there are any cracks in the walls, fill them up, and if the wallpaper has lifted, glue them down.


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