How to improve your store lighting with LED shop lights

February 4, 2021


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Most shops or workspaces are task-oriented spaces for day-to-day business and to keep it running there should be enough light for visibility, efficiency, and ambiance. For this reason, LED manufacturers have introduced LED shop lights. For workspaces, shops, retail stores, garages, etc.

There are several reasons as to why and how they can improve the layout of any store. These lights are manufactured keeping in mind the state-of-the-art product design and its efficiency to deliver the required amount of ambiance.

Most retail stores have workbenches, countertops, or shelves for accommodating various products so for visibility and feasibility of both customers and employees good lighting is a need. Here are a few ways in which you can improve the lighting layout of your store by installing LED shop lights.

Consider the Layout

The layout of any store is of important consideration prior to the installation of lights. LED Rope Lights can be a great option to decorate the layout of any store. Few things to consider before installing lights are

area of stores.

It is important to measure the floor-length of the store to determine the area which needs illumination, it helps in deciding the total number of fixtures needed.

Ceiling height

The ceiling height of any retail store or any other store is generally around 15 or 20 feet high in general, but it is mostly dependent on the location of the shop. Beyond 20 feet high bay lights are preferred for adequate illumination.

Ceiling height is also one important determinant in choosing the best installation option for the light fixture.

Type of store

This isn’t as crucial but still important to a certain extent as some stores are multi-purpose and aren’t dedicated just to sales but also small-scale production or repair work. For that reason, it is important to categorize it first and prepare a layout by dividing the zones.

Ceiling Design

Lastly, the ceiling design of the store is important. For newly built stores, it is easier as the design is pre-decided as per the choice of light fixtures but for older stores that need refurbishing a few things should be considered which are:

Preinstalled fixtures

It is important to note that most old stores have tougher light fixtures that use fluorescent lamps which have proven to be inefficient ever since the introduction of LEDs. One important benefit is that these fixtures can be retrofitted easily.

Ceiling Type

The type of ceiling is also an important determinant for mounting options. LED shop lights allow two types of installing i.e., surface mounting and suspended mounting in which they suspend from the ceiling.

Once the important details are evaluated it makes it easier to decide a few parameters such as

Total Lumen requirement

The total lumen output of the store is determined on the basis of these divisions. Furthermore LED shop lights are brighter than average fluorescent fixtures for example, a 50 watts fluorescent lamp has a lesser lumen output than a 50-watt LED lamp. As its brightness is measured in lumens, this means a lesser number of fixtures are required to reach the optimum illumination level.

Division of zones

The zonal division is necessary around the store to carry out various tasks efficiently such as a certain level of brightness is required around shelves for accenting and countertops to enhance visibility and focus whereas the general lighting can be adjusted to spread evenly in the surroundings.

Mode of installation

The mode of installation is also important as despite the height of the ceiling the zonal divisions require some adjustment which can be reached by optimizing the height at which the fixture is installed without changing the type of fixture. For example, if the general pattern supports surface mounting and supplies the optimum level of illumination around the store then we can adjust the illumination around task zones by using suspend mounting options for brighter more focused light.

End result:

The end result of installing LED shop lights are as follows:

Energy efficiency

LEDs are highly energy efficient; they consume less energy as compared to other counterparts and produce more light. Average data shows that they produce 85% focused light and 5% of it is lost in surroundings as heat energy. They have efficient heat dissipation systems.

Low maintenance

LEDs are low maintenance, they do not require frequent replacement or maintenance once after installation, the driver can last up to 5-8 years without causing any problems.

Ambient and Directional lighting

The fixture is lightweight and designed for adjustable and focused light. It has a beam angle of 30 to 60 degrees for the uniform spread of light which is good for multi-purpose spaces.

Cost Effectiveness

Installing LED shop lights or retrofitting old shop lights with LED retrofit kits is quite cost-effective in every way possible. The main benefit is energy saving, ambiance and increased revenue. They have a huge impact on utility bills in the long run.


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