How to Keep Your Small Dog Clean and The Convenience of a Pet Pouch—A Pet with Paws

February 2, 2021


Your small dog is the perfect size as he snuggles on your lap or when carrying in your arms. However, bath times can sometimes be difficult when you are dealing with small dogs and pups. So, here are tips to help you during bath time and how to keep your snugly furry friend clean when outside, whether you are using a shirt, plastic, or wrist pet pouch—A Pet with Paws has a wide selection of attractive options to choose from.

Despite their size, bathing smaller dogs can take some time. While you don’t need to wash Fidel often, you only require a large enough bin, bowl, or even a sink when extremely dirty. While some dogs love baths, others hate the idea of getting into contact with water.

Your little dog pet uses its immense energy to get dirty and may not want to slow down long enough for a bath. So, here are a few techniques you can use.

How to bathe your small dog

Alt-text: A small dog playing with a water hosepipe in the garden

In the sink

Prepare in advance before bringing the little guy into the bathroom or kitchen sink for a bath. Make sure you warm up the bathroom using hot running water and close the door. As the room heats, gather the dog shampoo, at least two towels, and a brush.

Fill up the sink only deep enough to reach your dog’s belly while standing. Use a towel to line the sink to reduce the chances of your pet sliding or slipping. Finally, bring in your dog and have it sit or stand in the water—ensure that your pet is comfortable.

First, rinse the dog from the head to toe and make sure shampoo doesn’t get into the eyes or water in the ears. Circular motions are suitable for scrubbing the dog’s body and don’t forget to clean the paws and potty areas. Rinse the small dog thoroughly and drain the water.

If your pet wants to shake excess water out of the fur, let it do so before gathering it up in a big fluffy towel. Next, dry and brush the dog.

Wet wash

Puppies that are too small for washing in the sink or bathtub can be washed using a washcloth and shampoo. However, place the dog on a towel first, then use a small amount of shampoo to work through the fur. Rinse using another washcloth and wrap your pet in a towel to keep it warm.

Give your little bundle of joy a tasty treat while brushing as a reward for good behavior.

Keeping a small dog clean without a bath

If your furry friend is particularly not amused by baths, here are a few tips that will keep them clean without getting into the routine of a bath.

Use pet wipes

Every puppy owner must own a packet of handy wipes. Avoid the puppy’s eyes at all times.

Dry shampoo

Cornstarch and baking soda are suitable for removing dog smell from most pups. Massage the powder through the dog’s fur using a towel.

Keep mouths clean

Purchase products specifically designed to reduce gum sensitivity, plaque buildup, and minimize chances of periodontal disease. Dental sticks work like your conventional toothbrush. These sticks let your small dog use them on their own. The last thing you want is to deal with bad breath every time you put your small furry friend in a pet pouch shirt!

Wash the bed

Washing your pet’s bedding is critical to prevent a build-up of bacteria that may spread on to your small dog. Put the bedding in the washer regularly to get rid of unwanted odors. You can reduce the chances of a bacterial build-up even more by cleaning pet accessories such as this sturdy Pet Pouch – A Pet with Paws product.

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Choose a suitable carrier to maintain cleanliness

A good dog carrier is essential if you love taking your small dog on adventures or even to visit the vet. However, there are various types of dog carriers on the market, making it harder to pick the best carrier.

Here are the basic carrier styles available:

Hard-sided dog carriers

These are ideal when you have a long journey either in a car, boat, train, or plane. They are especially useful for large and medium-sized dogs.

Soft-side carriers

Suitable for small and medium-size dogs. They are the ideal situation for getting around town, going down to the restaurant, and short sight-seeing distances. These carriers are easy to carry, portable, and convenient.

Wheeled dog carriers

You can pull the carrier behind you while preventing your dog from being thrown around. Dog carriers with wheels are ideal for airplane travel or city walking.

Pet backpack carriers

They are a convenient and portable option for carrying your small dog or puppy around with you. In the pet backpack, your furry little friend gets to enjoy the sounds and sights along with you during your city or hike adventures. Backpacks are also helpful when your dog gets tired of walking and running beside you.


The perfect carry-on solution for old and young little dogs. However, they can make the ride bumpy for your dog. So, make sure that your dog is securely in the sling to reduce bouncing. A sling also makes it possible to take your young pup around town without touching the floor—especially before your puppy gets its vaccinations.


Consider getting a pet pouch as well. The pouch makes it convenient to carry bags whenever you are taking your small dog to the park or for a walk.

These pet pouches are available in an assortment of colors for added sophistication to your overall outfit. Styles range from the traditional pet plastic pouch for basic use to the wristlet that provides more space for your phone, credit card, keys, and even some change.


Whether or not your small dog loves a bath, at least you now have a few ideas of how to go about it. Keeping the dog clean using carriers will help reduce the frequency of baths. The next time you go for a walk or an adventure, don’t leave your trusty pet pouch—A Pet with Paws.

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