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How to Keep Your Tenants Safe as a Landlord

Individuals are becoming more and more interested in owning their own property each day – this is largely because of the long list of benefits that come with being a landlord. These often include a stable source of income that requires little to no work, tax deductions and provides a great source of income in the case of an emergency. Ultimately, landlords have a lot of responsibility, and keeping their tenants safe is one of the most important. If you are a landlord or you are seeking to become one, do enough research to ensure you’re fully ready to take on such a huge responsibility. Keep reading to find out how you can keep your tenants safe as a landlord.

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Have a fire risk assessment in place

Fire is one of the largest risks posed to housing across the world. Therefore, this makes fire safety one of the paramount responsibilities for landlords. There is so much danger surrounding potential fire risk that all landlords and business owners in general should be aware of. Ideally, it is the landlord’s full responsibility to make sure that their tenant’s appliances are safe to use, and that there is an efficient landlord fire risk assessment in place. This will give you peace of mind that your tenants remain safe, and also allows them to feel at ease each day.

Have good lighting

No matter whether you own a flat or multiple homes, it is essential that you ensure there is sufficient lighting for your tenants outside of their home. Even though landlords are not fully responsible for smaller chores in their tenant’s homes such as improving light fixtures, they need to maintain sufficient lighting directly outside. For example, if you owned a full flat, it is up to you to ensure there are decent light fixtures on the stairs and hallways. Slips, trips and falls account for the most accidents at any one time, and poor lighting only increases the chances of these risks occurring. Be sure to keep these sufficient for the length of time you own any property.

Have security cameras

While tenants have expected privacy in their own homes or flats, you – as a landlord – should ensure that there is some form of security system outside the home. This is not necessarily a requirement for landlords to operate and sell property, but it does make you a good one! It will also increase your chances of becoming a successful landlord as it is a great addition to have at any rental property. There are many benefits of security cameras including: deterring criminals, acting as a method of evidence for burgles and they are also fantastic for bringing down insurance premiums.

Overall, you should make it your primary aim to keep your tenants safe. Your tenants are relying on you by investing their finances in you to provide them with a suitable place to live. Remember, the actions you take now may save a lot of hassle in the future!

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