How To Maintain Your HVAC System Before and During Winter?

February 28, 2021


Are winters harsh in your area? If yes, you are probably familiar with the importance of preparing your HVAC system for cold days. The preparations are best started at the end of fall when the weather is still dry and warm for homeowners to perform maintenance tasks.

HVAC maintenance is helpful for addressing issues on time so as to impede system failure in the middle of winter. It includes professional inspection, thermostat reprogramming, climate zone creation, air filter replacement, and winterizing of the outdoor unit.

The tips below will help you learn how to maintain your HVAC system before and during winter.

Have it inspected

An HVAC maintenance inspection is recommended twice annually, in the course of spring and autumn. The latter is of tremendous importance in order for the system to be better prepared for the winter. Such inspections are best scheduled during these seasons, as homeowners don’t use their HVAC systems as much as they do in winter and summer. Read here about the standard HVAC preventative maintenance tasks during spring and fall.

The job of professional technicians is to assess whether your system is ready to withstand the upcoming below-zero temperatures without breaking down. These professionals inspect the noises coming out of the units; look for potential ductwork leaks; check the air filters; test the thermostat, and clean the area around the outdoor unit.

Moreover, this inspection helps them determine whether the unit is likely to become faulty in the months to come. If so, the technicians make the necessary repairs prior to the arrival of winter and prevent homeowners from experiencing system failure when most necessary.

Make sure to reprogram your thermostat

Another crucial winter maintenance tip is to reprogram your thermostat in order to maximize energy savings. Homeowners whose HVAC system is equipped with a smart thermostat are capable of controlling energy consumption by reprogramming the thermostat when leaving the house or throughout the night.

For instance, 68 ˚F is considered the best temperature to set your thermostat to when at home, as it saves the most energy. In contrast, the temperature should be at least ten degrees lower during the night, as well as when no one is at home. Household residents need a comfortable temperature in order to get a good night’s sleep, which is why the thermostat should be set to a lower temperature. Follow this link,, to learn what temperature is recommended for the best sleep.

Use climate zones

Household residents living in multi-story homes deal with significant temperature differences between the ground floor and the rest of the stories. Since heat tends to rise, it’s common for ground levels to be much colder in comparison to the temperature upstairs. The only solution for homeowners to enjoy warm temperatures everywhere in the house is by creating climate zones.

In addition, homeowners can use an old trick to cope with such disparity. In order to direct more heat to the ground level, residents are advised to close a couple of vents on the upper floors. Nevertheless, instead of doing this task on your own, contact an HVAC technician to equip your unit with a climate zone system. These modern systems are designed to direct heat to the places where it’s most necessary without closing any vents.

Take care of air filters and air vents

Another important HVAC maintenance tip is checking the condition of the air filters once a month, looking for signs of dirt and dust. Dirty filters aren’t favorable for the work of HVAC systems, as these make units work harder to reach the desired temperature.

Upon detecting any signs of dirt, homeowners are suggested to hire HVAC experts to have the filters replaced. When searching for the best HVAC company in Ridgeland, make sure you hire technicians that offer maintenance services. These professionals are experts at assessing the effectiveness of filters and replacing them properly.

Besides replacing air filters, HVAC professionals will also take a look at the air vents in order to assess the airflow. It’s common for the vents to get blocked by accumulated dust and debris, which need to be removed in order for airflow to be restored. Unless the vents are cleaned, you won’t be getting the amount of heat you hoped for.

Install extra insulation

Insulation is of the utmost importance for keeping your home toasty warm throughout winter. Also, it contributes to better energy efficiency, which in turn reduces the cost of energy bills for as many as ten percent. Make sure you hire an HVAC technician to check your attic insulation for potential deterioration. These professionals are capable of replacing damaged insulation and adding extra insulation in the areas where it’s needed the most.

Bear in mind that attic insulation is facilitating the work of the HVAC system by preventing heat from going out of the house. As a result, your system won’t waste so much energy trying to maintain the preferred indoor temperature. Also, in order to increase the temperature on the ground floor, check the condition of the weather strips on all your doors and windows. In case these deteriorate, don’t forget to replace them before winter arrives.

Take care of your outdoor unit

In areas where snowstorms are huge and messy, homeowners are suggested to winterize their outdoor units at the end of fall. The unit should be free from debris, leaves, grass, droppings, dirt, etc. The most effective method of eliminating dust and dirt is by rinsing the unit with the help of a garden hose.

Additionally, purchase a waterproof cover to prevent moisture from harming the system. Even if the area where you live isn’t prone to heavy snowstorms, you are still recommended to add a protective cover to the outdoor unit. It’s the only way to prevent debris and animals from entering inside.

Final thoughts

Do not allow the cold temperatures to affect your HVAC system.

Make the necessary preparations and saves yourself some trouble!


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