Improve Your Yard with These Wall Art Ideas

February 21, 2021

Outdoor wall decorations from are pretty ways to make your property stand out among surrounding buildings in your neighborhood. Not only will it help you but also guests whom you will give directions. This is important for properties located in subdivisions where the buildings are very similar.

Prominently displaying the house number is good. However, it sounds better when you tell your guests, “it is the house with clematis on its art nouveau garden trellis” or “it is the house with a rock garden”. People can easily forget numbers, but pictures stick to the memory.

Furthermore, outdoor decorations are trending for good reasons. They help us to excellently utilize the untapped space in the yard while enhancing the enjoyment of our surroundings, especially during the warm season. The wall art ideas we will share in this post will make any alfresco living area more appealing.

There are various beautiful ways of executing this project. The ideas below are some of our favorite outdoor wall decor ideas.

1. A Metallic House Number Plaque

Your house number is the first point of attraction for visitors who may be trying to locate your house. Thus, making the house number attractive by inscribing it on a metallic plaque leaves a good impression on guests. It describes how much you pay attention to details when decorating your property.

Metallic plaques are classy, somber, and sophisticated. They fit perfectly if your building’s architecture is a bit dreamy and formal. Also, they represent your home. So, they need that special attention.

2. A Planter with Your House Number

Plants can drastically change any atmosphere. When you have them outdoors, they can make your exterior appear bright, welcoming, cozy, and warm. And a planter that doubles as a number plate is an amazing way of incorporating freshness to the exterior. It looks super refreshing, pretty, and elegant to any guest and the homeowner when they sit to sip some tea in the evening.

3. Hanging Pots

You can add some colors to your walls to make them appear welcoming. Get some clay pots and spray different warm colors on them, and then hang the pots on the plain walls outside. They will look elegant and cute.

You can also hang them on both sides of the door to significantly enhance the appearance of the entrance. Hanging pots are an amazing wall décor.

4. Floral Wreath

Flowers breathe fresh air upon our arrival at home. They welcome us with a scent that can take away the stress we may have experienced all through the day. A hanging floral wreath is a common wall décor for outdoor spaces.

It gives a beautiful fragrance, freshness, and liveliness that you and your guests would love. Flowers are pretty wherever you place them. And when used as wall art, they raise the attractiveness of your yard by several strata.

5. Place a Wreath on Your Window Frames

Old items should not be left to lie around the house. You can use them to decorate your exterior. Old window frames can be used to decorate the wall as a way of recycling and reusing them.

All you have to do is spray some leftover paint on the frames and hang some wreaths to transform their worn-out look into something different and new. Above all, they make an attractive wall décor for your outdoor space. You may want to visit this website to see the importance of reusing old items.

6. Window Frames with Planters

This is another way to convert your old window frames into a trendy outdoor décor. Use the frames to make planters, and then hang them on the walls outside. This will add a unique décor item to the appearance of the yard.

Additionally, you can consider picking flowers with bright colors; place them in the planters to make your entrance welcoming and colorful. You can also paint the frames to have a burst of colors.

7. Hanging Planters

We cannot overemphasize the importance of plants to outdoor areas. Whether you use them for interior or exterior décor, they are always heart-warming and beautiful. You can use hanging planters with colorful flowers on your walls.

The outcome is not only beautiful but also refreshing and attractive. For people who love to recycle things, you can use pet bottles, pebbles, and strings to make a DIY hanging planter. Simply place the bottles horizontally and cut them open at the center.

Drill some holes underneath for aeration, then place some pebbles inside. Add some soil and transplant your flowers or herbs into the planters. Use the strings to firmly secure the planters to the wall.

8. Use Mason Jars to Hold Candles

Placing candles outside the house at night brings a cozy and soothing feeling. You can use mason jars to hold the candles and this is not just a great décor idea but a low-cost one. Use some metallic hooks as hangers for the jars on the walls. The jars will bring your property to the limelight at sunsets.

9. Mount Shelves on the Wall

Mounting shelves on your exterior walls are smart means of utilizing the empty walls outdoors. You can organize it by placing various decorative items like pictures, small statues, small potted plants, and sayings. This will leave a good impression on your guests.

Everyone will regard an individual who pays so much attention to the minutest decorative details in their exterior space. So, why not plan to impress your guests with a measure of thoughtfulness?

10. Wall Lights

Lights are essential elements in decoration, whether it is exterior or interior décor. Placing lights in your exterior keeps the yard prominent from dusk to dawn. For permanent outdoor lights, you may visit You can have an attractive set of lights on both sides of the door to give your entrance a nice look.

A house that is well-lit looks welcoming and warm, which is what your house should resemble from the exterior. You may want to visit to find great ideas to light up your yard.


Decorating your exterior is not rocket science. You just need to relax and experiment. You can mix and match any of the ideas shared in this article.

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