Moving And Packing Tips For Businesses

February 18, 2021

Relocating your business can be a major undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be laborious. By utilizing careful planning and risk management, minimizing downtime, and engaging with commercial moving services you can simplify the transition to your new location. To ensure your move goes off without a hitch, follow these tips;

Plan Ahead

Don’t underestimate the length of time it will take you to move your business. What appears to be simple tasks in your current location can take longer than anticipated due to a lack of familiarity with the new surroundings. Start the planning process as early as possible and bear the following in mind;

  • Aim for a time where your business is normally quieter - this will minimize the disruption to both you and your customers. It also will make it a lot easier for the office movers that you hire for the job.
  • Draw up a ‘move plan’ highlighting the various tasks that need to be completed - and by when they need to be completed. The plan should also identify any risks to your business or employees throughout the course of the move.
  • If you’re too busy yourself, nominate somebody to act as a Project Manager for the move - one person making decisions leads to a smooth moving process.
  • If you’re planning to move in these Covid times, bear in mind that there may be extra steps and restrictions to ensure the safety of you and your movers.
  • Don’t forget to address your IT needs in advance.

Pack Less

Now is as good a time as any to get rid of all that junk you have accumulated over the last few years. Likely, you will also be upgrading your equipment so there’s probably no need to bring the old stuff either.

  • If you are handling the move yourself, a smaller van or trailer is significantly cheaper to hire and if you’re using a moving company, they could well bill you less as they will need less staff.
  • You need to purchase fewer packing materials.
  • Less boxing and unboxing, quicker move overall.

Don’t be afraid to donate those old computers!

Why Use Commercial Moving Services?

While moving your business yourself is the cheapest option, hiring a reputable commercial moving service has several upsides. Yes, it will cost more than doing it yourself, but moving companies will handle the move quicker while minimizing the likelihood of damage to your furniture and equipment while at the same time ensuring you don’t lose any time with an injured back! you can save alot of time with Suddath office movers.

Many moving services such as these guys will also provide you with extras like packing materials and a packing service that cuts the time you spend doing it yourself. After all, it’s your business and your time could be better spent on other things, right?

There’s a great article here where you can get tips on choosing the right moving company.

Get The Right Packing Materials

If you’ve decided to handle the move yourself, don’t scrimp on the packaging material. A little extra cost here could save you a fortune by preventing damage to your equipment. Invest in bubble wrap, lots of it. While it’s a great product for protecting your items, it has the added benefit of being a great stress reliever when you are finished with it!

Get high-quality cardboard boxes, or better again foldable plastic crates. Poor quality boxes will tear easily and disintegrate should they get wet. Don’t be tempted to cut corners on your packaging material quality as replacing a damaged printer will cost more than any savings you have made!

Label Everything

Yes, everything. It’s obvious now what that particular cable does but will it be so obvious in the new place? Labeled boxes will allow you to minimize the stress caused by the unpacking process because you won’t need to open boxes unnecessarily.

It might be a bit more work but consider labeling each box with a location and a number and fill in a corresponding spreadsheet that lists each box number and the items contained within. While it’s certainly more work initially, it will save you so much time when you’ve arrived in your new location as you will know where everything is. The printer paper? That’s in box 12!

Forwarding Your Mail & Updating Your Stationary

In this day and age of email, it is easy to understand that a common mistake businesses make is to forget to forward their mail. While most communication is handled online these days you’ll never know what you’ve missed by post if you don’t forward your mail. This can be scheduled in advance of your move at your local post office and is very straight forward.

Lastly, forward your new address in advance to all staff so that they can update their stationary. Be prepared to put in a bulk order with your supplier in advance for headed paper, business cards, etc so that you're ready to rock as soon as the move is complete.

Good luck with your move!

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