Reclaimed Wood Projects for a Rustic Vibe

February 16, 2021

A popular style in home decor is a rustic vibe with wood elements built into the design. You can do these projects, or you can purchase items from a builder. There are projects for any skill level. You just have to start with something simple and build from there. No pun intended.

Rustic elements are brought to life with reclaimed wood. This wood is from old buildings or projects that are still in good enough shape to be repurposed. Often, these pieces have unique coloring and have a story behind them. A reclaimed wood project can give you an interesting and one-of-a-kind addition to your space.

If you are using reclaimed wood, be cautious of where you get it from. Some companies don’t give you the whole story, and the wood may have damage or not be reclaimed wood at all. Do your research and find out what tools and experience you will need for the project before getting started.

Here are some examples of projects you can do in your home:

Beginner Projects:


We all need coasters to keep our table surfaces looking pristine, and coasters are an easy project to make out of reclaimed wood. You will need a saw to make them, but you will be done in a snap with the right equipment.

Take a simple coaster one step further by using a wood burner to make a creative design or paint an image with a stencil onto the surface of the coaster. And don’t forget the felt circles to glue to the bottom to protect the table from scratches.

Wall Art:

There are many different approaches to wall art, and the simplest is to find pieces that are already cut and make a design for the wall. You can either glue them together or nail them to the wall to create a one-of-a-kind piece of art. A chevron design or vertical slats are the simplest methods, but you can be as creative as you’d like.

Simple Shelf:

Shelves can be simple, or they can be complicated. Get started with the simple version that includes a pre-cut piece of wood and two brackets. You will only need screws and a screwdriver for this project, so it’s doable for nearly anyone. A tape measure and a level will help as well but aren’t strictly necessary.

Before installing your shelf, find a stud in the wall, next to an outlet or light switch, and move over 16 inches until you find where you want your shelf. If there is no stud where you want the shelf, use a drywall anchor for support. To add more charm to your shelves, use black painted metal pipe brackets for an industrial look.

Picture Frame:

If your bathroom mirror is looking drab with no frame around it, consider adding a reclaimed wood frame. This project is simple and has few requirements. Once you get your frame in place, you can add small upgrades to your bathroom to complete the look. The corners can be mitered or not, that is up to you.

Intermediate Projects:

Planter Box:

Bring some rustic charm to your patio or backyard by adding a rustic planter box made of reclaimed wood. A rectangular box is the goal for a planter box. You will need wood glue or nails, but the construction is relatively straightforward. Once you have your planter box, add flowers or herbs to add green to your decor.

Wood Wall:

To create a wood wall, you will need wood and an adhesive. Some wood planks come with an adhesive for this exact purpose, but they may not be in the reclaimed woodpile. The most important part of this project is a level and a sense of patience. If you are decorating a small wall, you will see your progress much faster.

Reclaimed wood is not limited to an entryway or bathroom wall. You can create a rustic feel in the kitchen by putting reclaimed wood along the backside of your cabinets.


A desk is probably the simplest when it comes to making tables. They only require a thin tabletop with legs that can be made of a variety of materials. Use the same wood for a unified finished or legs made out of metal. Metal legs come premade, and all you have to do is attach them to the bottom of the desk.

Advanced Projects:

Dining Table:

While a dining table is similar to a desk, the construction can be more complicated. Desks tend to involve thin pieces of wood that are easy to maneuver by yourself, but dining tables are larger and have thicker tops and legs. A dining table with reclaimed wood slats can elevate the design and create a unique look.


You spend a third of your life asleep in your bed, so you should enjoy the place you spend that time. If you have the time and skill, build a bedframe that is custom to your room and the size you need. You can use all reclaimed wood or incorporate it into the headboard only for a two-tone design.

If you are feeling extra crafty, you can add drawers to the bottom of the frame to use the space under the bed.

Floating Shelves:

Floating shelves may look easy, but they require skill and precision to make. Hiding the brackets inside the shelf is an innovative way to get clean lines without the bulky look of brackets. For this project, you will need a wide variety of tools, and a level is a must. You don’t want your knick-knacks sliding off the edge.

Rustic at Any Level:

All of these projects can be either built by you or purchased from an experienced builder. Reclaimed wood needs to be procured from a reputable source to ensure that it is, in fact, reclaimed wood and that it is free of termites and other damage.

If you are looking to add rustic charm to your home, woodwork is a simple way to achieve your goals. Get inspired by looking up images online of rustic decor and choose a few to incorporate into your home.

You will not be disappointed if you have a professional build the perfect piece for your home. They have the tools and the knowledge to create what you need in a fraction of the time, but it may cost a few extra dollars.


34 Reclaimed Wood DIY Projects You Can Make At Home


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