Space-Saving Ideas for Small Bedrooms

February 8, 2021

A bedroom, irrespective of its size, should ideally be that space of yours that inspires good sleep. Although it is common to wish for some more space in your bedroom at times, remember that the way you organize the stuff in your room can make your bedroom look smaller or bigger. Overhauling your bedroom into a well-organized one can relieve you of stress and anxiety, and help improve your sleep health. We are therefore going to acquaint you with some of the best ideas that can help you save more space in your small bedrooms and make it look bigger so that you can maintain a sleep-friendly environment.

#01 Readjusting the furniture

We often find ourselves in situations where we realize that furniture we possess, are either too big or too much for the space we have in our bedroom. It is therefore important to know which ones to leave out, and which ones to replace to master the art of arranging bedroom furniture. When you are dealing with limited space, it is preferable to place the bed right next to the wall. Other big pieces like the couch or the dresser can similarly be pushed up to the walls to save more space in the middle. Consider replacing your bedside tables with dressers, your night stand with a chair, and your benches with tools to save up extra space near the bed. Make sure that you always have a furniture in your bedroom where you can sit so that you can make the least contact with your bed in the daytime. Using the bed for activities other than sleeping, such as laying down or sitting can make it harder for your mind to associate the bed exclusively with the act of sleeping.

#02 Picking an appropriately-sized bed

Considering that a bed is the biggest piece of furniture in your bedroom, it is crucial that an oversized bed does not take up most of the space in the room. That said, it is also important to pick a bed that is not too small to cause problems like a strained back or restricted mobility. Factors like size, width, firmness, quality, and materials used in your mattress, can have a great impact on your sleep quality. It is therefore important to not only pick the right sized mattress but also ensure that it is comfortable yet firm enough. You may also try going for waterbed mattresses which not only prevent back pain but can also be drained and stored away when not in use for longer periods.

#03 Going for an adjustable bed

A bed that can be folded up or stacked against the wall in the daytime can save up a great deal of space in your bedroom. You can also go for convertibles like sofa-beds or daybeds so that you can skip the couch. Such beds are really useful for smaller households that use the bedroom as a study or a drawing room in the day. Even if you are aiming for traditional beds, make sure that you utilize the space available under the bed to store away unused clothes and beddings. Even the bench you place along the bedside and the dressing table can be used for easily accessible storage.

#04 Being crafty with the available space

One of the best ways to organize a small bedroom for achieving better sleep is to utilize the available space in the bedroom in a creative manner. Items like pen stands, table lamps, potted plants, etc., can well be placed on your window sill to save the need of a table. Storage ideas like built in bookshelves or wardrobes, or layered shelving can help make good use of the space available on the walls. Dressers and shelves that can be hanged up next to the wall above other furniture can also help utilize the wall space effectively.

#05 The right type of lighting

We may not realize it every time, but the long nightstands and the odd lamps are taking up valuable space in your bedroom. Remove any excessive bit of lighting from the room and try to depend exclusively on natural light in the daytime. Installing sconces or built-in nightstands doesn’t just help you make full use of the walls but also prevents you from exposure to direct or excessive light in the later part of the day. In this way, while your body benefits from the natural sunlight in the day, falling asleep in the night becomes easier due to the dim lights in the evening that regulate the level of melatonin in the body.

#06 Declutter regularly

A cluttered bedroom is not only eating away valuable space from your bedroom but also making the bedroom environment unhygienic. Get rid of items that are unnecessary or do not belong in the bedroom such as big furniture, dirty dishes, unwashed laundry, extra lights, etc. A room that looks packed with such messy items can point towards an underlying risk of problems such as depression or hoarding disorder. Make sure that your bed is similarly devoid of items like extra pillows, duvets, plush toys, etc., which can harm your sleep and make the bed appear smaller than it actually is.

#07 The right décor

Your room décor doesn’t just increase the appeal and warmth of the room, but can also help decide how big or small it appears to the eyes of the beholder. Placing mirrors in a room strategically can help create an illusion that makes the room look bigger with the help of the reflecting light. Consider replacing massive headboards with shelves, large mirrors, or lighting to make good use of the space that may well be the focal point of the room. Applying wallpapers with bold symbols or stripes can make it appear bigger. If covering an entire room seems too much of a task, you can also opt for a single wall or a particular enclosure or recess. Even while painting the room, pick colors that are soft and less bright. This will reduce the strain on the eyes and provide the appearance of more space in the room.

#08 Storing the clothes and footwear

Now that we have covered creating space to store them, let us try to learn the right way to store our clothes and footwear. Go for hanging dressers or s-hooks which can be used to vertically hang all sort of clothes. Cabinets and shelves lined up against the wall are perfect for storing the footwear. Install a hanging bag for collecting all the dirty linen and clothes so that you don’t come across them lying everywhere in the room. Instead of going for full-length wardrobes, you can opt for a set of shelves, drawers, hanging racks, rods, etc., lined up against a vacant wall to save up on space and make it easily organizable.

Bottom line:

If you are the owner of a comparatively smaller bedroom, the only way you can make it more sleep-friendly is by adjusting the components of the room to give a minimalistic feel. A small bedroom can also prove to be a boon for stress-free living as they are easier to organize and redecorate. We hope that after reading this article, you will be better equipped to renovate your small bedroom to make it appear more spacious and sleep-inducing.

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