Top Tips for Sunflower Maintenance

February 23, 2021

Sunflowers are amazing in any type of indoor space! Their very presence brightens up a room and makes you think about warm autumn days, sunny meadows, and wonderful flavors! Their big face makes you think about a smiling child running around in the grass, picking flowers on the way.

Moreover, sunflowers are easy to use as part of a bouquet, like these amazing arrangements from The Bouqs Co. or on their own. You just need a bit of creativity and a few maintenance tips to create a wonderful and natural room decoration that will last for days!

Therefore, we’ll leave the creative part to you and provide a few maintenance tips that can help prolong the life of sunflowers indoors.

#1: Change the Water Frequently

Sunflowers tend to get the water murky, so it’s best to change it every few days. Also, cut the tip (at an angle) of the stem with every water change to refresh the flower and keep it going for as much as possible.

Moreover, if you want clear water (in the case of a transparent container), it’s best to change the water daily. It keeps the flowers fresh and, when it’s time to part with them, there won’t be any unwanted smells in the vase.

#2: Pick Them Early in the Morning

If you’re the one doing the picking (and I recommend so) make sure to do it first thing in the morning. While it’s true they may look brighter during the day, they are also at their driest when the sun is shining. Therefore, to make sure they won’t start wilting the very moment you put them in a vase, try to pick them early in the morning (they’ve had all night to replenish their water intake).

PS: if you can’t get to them before the sun’s up, make sure to first water them and let them soak everything in.

#3: Put them in Water As Soon As Possible

Ideally, you should place the stems in clear water the very moment you picked them. This way, you soften the blow of taking them from their natural stem and away, in a foreign environment. If this isn’t possible, make sure to shorten the time they spend without water for as much as possible.

Sunflowers have big flowers that need a lot of water to stay fresh and composed. When this is missing, you’ll see a lot of petals falling and the flowers will start to look depressed.

Wrap Up

In summary, if you’re looking for a splash of freshness and color in your room or office, sunflowers are an amazing option. Their beautiful color and shape invite everyone to rejoice and enjoy the last remnants of summer but they also brighten up every type of space.

Moreover, you can use them as part of your space design that helps spark creativity since yellow is such an emotional color. Not to mention, sunflowers come in various shades of yellow, so they can easily integrate with a wide range of elements in your home or office.

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