Top Trends in Interior Design 2021

February 14, 2021

With the changing and modified interior design standards, the market is embracing new design concepts. These trends have to all the interior rooms with new bathroom designs, kitchen designs, and garden trends.

With different furniture styles and tastes available, individuals are growing concerned about revolutionizing their spaces to create a good work from home experience. The comeback of unique and traditional designs and the incorporation of new trends will make a worthy interior revolution that will significantly impact the interior design industry.

Below are some noteworthy trends and styles that may be perfect for the home and office:

  1. Colored interiors

The age-long common all-white minimalistic trend seems to be coming to an end in 2021, with more individuals embracing color into their spaces. The use of color can revolutionize any bare space and add character and warmth to a room. For instance, incorporating colored ceilings is a great way to bring sass into a room. Using wallpapers or patterns which contrast an otherwise dull interior can change pale ceilings. Accent walls are also fading away in 2021, with refreshed monochromatic walls being famous.

  1. Mix and match concepts

The fad about mix and match concepts comes back with a bang, with various patterns and textures incorporated into cohesive and bare spaces. For instance, the need for matching furniture is becoming a thing of the past, with more people mixing different furniture pieces with other ones to add character and personality to a room. The use of mixed kitchen boards and different metal handles in drawers is also expected and brings interest to the room.

  1. Timeless antique styles

The antique types characterize this style often described when talking about your grandparent's home. For instance, the use of antique statement pieces in unusual places in the living room can spruce up any dull space. The use of crocheted throw pillows or woven wicker items can flair and comfort an otherwise drab space. Most individuals will opt for floral wallpaper and delicate china to bring back the cozy, homey feeling of antique times.

  1. Easy to stick wallpaper

A developing fad in the interior design industry slowly picking up is the development of easy to stick wallpaper, a cost-effective and fast way of sprucing up your space with minimum effort. Clients can purchase this wallpaper in the market and change it as frequently as they would like. Wallpapers enable the inclusion of various patterns and colors on complete or partial walls, changing the room's entire outlook.

  1. Rustic ceramics

The use of rustic ceramics in the kitchen and bathroom tiles is a welcome addition to interior design trends in 2021. The smooth uniform tiles are replaced with handmade mosaic ceramics, which complement any space by giving it a decadent rustic feel. The cost of these handmade tiles is on the high end; therefore, incorporating them as accents on specific areas will enable clients to use them while saving the whole space.

  1. Olive and sage greens

Believe it or not, sage green is an upcoming interior design addition to look out for this year. This color blends well in the kitchen, where green shades will be a trendy and warm color to have. Having sage green cabinets paired with gray veined marble tops will result in an authentic and sophisticated style.

  1. Industrial styling

Industrial styling comprises a high ceiling, exposed metallic and wooden components, and exposed stone finishes. This creates unfinished and edgy concepts that would much suit the living, study, or recreational rooms.

  1. House plants

The need for house plants to create a natural and earthy feel is back. With the pandemic looming, everyone wants to enjoy the thrills of nature by accessing outdoor space. Thus, incorporating house plants in bathrooms, balconies, and hallways has numerous benefits to the health and spruce up the house into a home.

Things to consider

It is advisable to choose an interior design aesthetic and style that is the current trend in the market to ensure the house's possible resale value.

You can always mix and match different styles and patterns even if they are not specific to your initial design. For instance, incorporating modern eclectic techniques with traditional themes may create a unique and rich interior if matched well.

The rise of eco-friendly suppliers is imminent, with more sellers using handcrafted and recycling materials reusable. This enables the pieces to last longer while remaining sustainable and timeless.

When choosing a suitable interior designer, it is best to conduct initial research to determine the right fit for you. Most interior designers will schedule a site visit to check out the space they will be working with and hear the client's ideas for a personalized touch.

Do not hesitate to express your preferred styling ideas to the interior designer. Doing so will help prevent any regrets later.


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