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Understanding 3D Modeling: 5 Tips to Learn It

Are you looking to improve your 3D modeling skills?

3D modeling is an advanced technology that improves and hastens the design process. Some industries that use 3D modeling include gaming, film, and architecture. If you’re a beginner in the world of 3-dimensional basics and concepts, here’s a guide for you.

Read on to learn more about 3D modeling with these tips.

1. Try Various 3D Modeling Forms

Versatility is an essential skill when it comes to 3D modeling. Concentrating on one type can restrict your skill in making 3D models. Take note of the three types of modeling: Primitive, Polygonal, and Rational B-Spline.

Primitive modeling is when you build 3D components using spheres and cubes. Polygonal modeling makes use of polygons and wire mesh to create scanline renders. Rational B-Spline requires you to curve and twist base shapes to create your desired 3D form.

2. Start With Simple Objects

Learning and understanding 3D modeling takes a lot of time, so be patient and don’t rush. Start with simple, everyday items with shapes like spheres, triangles, and cubes. Learn the basics, from orientation and shapes to texture and lighting.

You can start designing more complex objects once you’ve learned the basics. Move to the next step by making electronics, buildings, apparel, jewelry, and so on. Make sure to study the platform you use to make the 3D models and learn how to use a 3D scanner.

3. Understand Shading

Shading enhances the 3D model’s form and material. For example, you need to add shadows to show that your model is transparent or opaque. You can also show that the material is reflective or matte.

As long as you know the lighting basics, you can grasp shadow placement with ease. Some lighting concepts include refraction, scattering, diffusion, and reflection. With a simple study of shadows, your model will look more 3D.

4. Build a Concept

Making a concept will help you build around your idea of a character or landscape. Concept making will depend on your mindset and technique in making the 3D model. Either you make a simple sketch of your idea or the object you want to scan.

Concept development will force you to have a clear picture when you start 3D modeling. You can get lost without a concept when using software or a 3D scanner.

5. Learn How to Use a 3D Modeling App

After scanning an object, you need software to fix and edit the object with 3D modeling tools. One of the best-paid modeling software is Maya. It has industrial-strength 3D modeling tools and versatile features like particles.

Some of the best free 3D modeling software includes Blender and Daz Studio. They boast their wide library of sculpting and 3D modeling toolsets. Their rendering for images and animation is on par with paid 3D modeling apps.

Understanding 3D Modeling: 5 Tips to Learn It

3D modeling is a widely accepted design method, but many industries search for designers who have the skill. It is an opportunity for you to learn something new and get a career in design.

Get to know more about 3D modeling by checking out our other guides.

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