Upcoming Trends in Construction Automation

February 9, 2021

Did you know that construction managers only invest 2% of their budget on IT?

This could change in 2021 because big businesses in the industry are moving towards automation. There are many different ways construction automation will change the game this year.

Read on to learn about the upcoming trends in construction automation.

IP Products Join the Market

One of the most dominant construction automation trends right now is IP products. The biggest construction companies are using Internet Protocol (IP) systems.

These automation systems allow every device in the network to have its own IP address. This is similar to how computers operate on a network.

In the construction industry, there are more ways to connect a device when using IP software. This industrial automation is beneficial because it allows employees to do a lot more.

The former way of doing things involved hardwiring and connecting devices to a gateway then connecting it to a computer. With IP automation, devices have the ability to communicate with other systems.

This is one of the trends in construction that will happen over time because many don't have the budget to go fully automated immediately.

Increased Safety

Another one of the 2021 construction trends is an increased focus on safety. No matter the kind of automation technology used, safety is going to be a major consideration.

Collaborative tech is where safety is really becoming a factor. In 2021 and beyond, most moving parts in a factory will collaborate with humans while being automated.

More Revenue

The fact of the matter is that automation tools can drive revenue. The digital world has made it apparent that to succeed you need to have a good user experience. This is no different for the construction industry.

For example, when the construction building being created is a good size and includes the right aspects, people are more likely to go there. When others can enjoy what has been built, the construction industry will make more money in turn.

High-Tech Machinery

To make industrial automation succeed, manufacturing automation must come to life. When the manufacturing industry produces high-tech machinery through automation, it makes the jobs of many much easier. With better machinery in place, a company can attract more people to come work for them.

An example of machinery automation is valve automation. This is the process of taking a control system and adding a valve actuator to it. The benefit of this is that it can then get powered through electricity, pneumatic or hydraulic energy, or by a human.

You can see here for more on valve automation.

Construction Automation Is Advancing

Thanks to the benefits of technology, construction automation has become a big deal. Every year, automation grows and this is no different in 2021. By understanding this guide, you can get ready for the trends that are up and coming this year.

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