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Ways To Apply And Remove Vinyl Stickers Without Damaging The Surface

You have given this plan quite some thought and came up with the best stickers made out of vinyl. You did your research and asked the best printing firm to offer you with the right kind of sticker for your business. The results have been outstanding and you are pretty happy with the approach. Now, the real question lies with the application of the vinyl stickers and the removal of the same, when the matter gets sorted out.

There are some promising steps applicable while trying to apply the vinyl stickers. You can’t just randomly take the outer shell out of it and then place the sticker on the platform. You have to be very careful with the steps and be sure to avoid forming any gap or bubble in between the layers. If not, then things might not work out as planned. So, make sure to check out these options and the steps of applying the stickers by using proper options.

The tips for applying:

For the best adhesion, you have to apply the decals when the decal and the surface are both around 50 degree F. for the next steps, be sure to keep the steps right below:

  • You have to wash surface with water and soap. Then wipe it with the rubbing alcohol so that it won’t leave behind any residue. Then dry it with clean cloth.
  • Now, you have to unpeel the backer liner just a little bit from both ends for making removal easier. In case the vinyl fails to stick to transfer tape, then compress entire decal with credit card.
  • For the best alignment on the larger decals, make sure to mark where decal should be placed.
  • Then you have to position decal where you need to place it and attach the same with few smaller pieces of masking tape.
  • Create hinge with that masking tape at middle point, which will extend past the edges of decal.
  • Be sure to lift one end of decal and then peel off the liner from end towards hinge. Cut it closely to the hinge.
  • Now, holding the exposed area, gently squeegee the decal onto surface, starting from hinge to end/
  • With one end in the place, remove masking tape and peel the rest of backer liner.
  • The adhesive is mainly pressure activated and will take some time to dry and set in. So, make sure to press decal firmly in place.

For removing the old decal:

Whenever you are trying to remove some old vinyl decal, warm the stickers with heat gun or hair dryer to soften the piece. It becomes easier to peel then. Then remove the glue residue with commercial solvents. Most of the time, there won’t be any residue to deal with on the first place. It is one major reason to choose vinyl sticker for the business purpose in here. Ask experts for the right help and you will be so happy with the results involved.


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