Scandinavian Architecture: A Full Guide into Scandinavian Design

February 28, 2021


Many Northern Scandinavian and Nordic nations lack sunlight in the winter. This makes it extraordinarily essential for pure gentle can easily flow through a room. Scandinavian Architecture is so interesting to the world of architecture.

Obviously, we’ll talk about the historical past of Scandinavian houses. In addition, the exterior design aspects, and the inside of certainly one of the most prominent pieces of design. One of the interesting architectural designs is the sod roof, which covers each of the complex's north and south wings.

The individuals of northern Europe have created an architectural type that blends old-world native ways of building and sustaining with trendy know-how and concept. Scandinavian architecture is a method of architecture. If you want to add some Scandinavian design elements into your own home, paint your walls a delicate shade of off-white.

Temppeliaukio Church in Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki, Finland. 1969

Architect: Timo and Tuomo Suomalainen

Firstly, the Temppeliaukio Church is a Lutheran church. Also, the church is known as the Church of the Rock. It is located in the Töölö neighborhood of Helsinki. The project comes from an architectural competition won by the architect brothers Timo and Tuomo Suomalainen in 1961. Furthermore, the design of their project was recognized by the jury as completely original and respectful of the competition goal.

Therefore, the competition was to include the organization plan for the whole Temppeliaukio Square with its park area and parking spaces, in addition the architect wonderfully incorporated the rocks into the overall design.

This is a cool source of more images.

Suomenlinna Sea Fortress

The Kaisa House, the main library of the Helsinki University

Photos by Justin Ankus unless otherwise noted.

Finally, check out more articles at our architectural page.

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