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What Should You Get Your Mother as a Gift?

Shopping for Mother’s Day in the middle of a global pandemic can come with challenges. The good news is that the global market is ready for another Mother’s Day during which social distancing and restrictions are in place. If you plan ahead and order online without waiting until last minute, you can easily find your mom the perfect gift she’ll treasure forever. For ideas on what to get your mom for Mother’s Day 2021, read on.

Flower Deliveries



From pink carnations to baby’s breath, nothing beats the tradition of sending Mom a Mother’s Day bouquet filled with pink roses and other flowers that represent motherhood for her special day. While it might be a little trickier to send her flowers in the middle of a global pandemic, florists all over the United States have gone out of their way to be sure those Mother’s Day bouquets get out safely. Offering contactless delivery, florists are already making plans to get those daisies, violets, and carnations to Mom again this year.


If a floral arrangement or chrysanthemums and carnations is something you generally send your mom on Mother’s Day, this year doesn’t have to be any different. The best way to show your mom your gratitude and appreciation is to order those arrangements early this year even if you can’t see her in person. Ask your florist about safety precautions if your mom has a medical condition, or if you’re worried about social distancing.

Future Travel and Quality Time Together



Do you and your mom share a bond over wanderlust? Just because you and Mom can’t take that trip you’ve always dreamed about right now, it doesn’t mean you can’t plan for the future. If a long trip together is something you’ve always wanted to do, you can help your mom stay filled with optimism by planning for the future. Consider gifts this year that promise time together in the future. Flight socks, travel maps and journals, camping equipment, or a gift card for a shop near your future destination would all work to give her happy thoughts about life after the pandemic.


With health on everyone’s mind, it’s important to think about new beginnings in a new way. For your next adventures together, flying with compression socks could be a smart way to travel from New York to L.A., for example. That is, the pandemic has taught us just how important it is to pay attention to our health. It only makes sense that your mom will want to play it safe on her next adventure and here’s a great way you can help.

Personalized Gifts



If a long flight or travel isn’t in the cards for the future, consider gifts that are personal in other ways. Engraving a special pendant, for example, could be an excellent choice. Maybe your mom is passionate about gardening. Why not send her tulip or daffodil bulbs she can plant herself in addition to that popular flower arrangement you’ve ordered for Mother’s Day?


Other ways to personalize a product or gift could be as simple as taking time with handwritten messages and other forms of thankfulness.

Handmade Messages and Items



Very few mothers don’t love a handmade gift from their child. Consider planning ahead and making your mom something special. Even if it’s just putting a gift basket together yourself, she’ll love the extra time you took with making her special day count. Don’t forget to include special messages and photographs or a handmade scrapbook, too. For those virtual Mother’s Day celebrations over Zoom, consider making a digital scrapbook that will have her feeling all the more loved.


While Mother’s Day won’t be the same for those who can’t see their kids in person this year, you can still cheer your mom up with some thoughtful planning. Order flowers and gifts well in advance, make plans for time together in person in the future, and do what you can on a personal level to show Mom just how much you care.

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