Why are Quiet Air Compressors Important for the Construction Industry?

February 15, 2021

The noise could be disastrous, especially in a construction industry where employees spend several hours on production. Various industrial machines not running on quiet air compressors would cause challenges at a construction site, including impaired hearing, environmental pollution, poor communication, and low productivity.

A silent air compressor is an invaluable machine; every construction industry needs it to ensure serenity at the workplace and enhance communication. Meanwhile, reliable compressors such as Direct Air’s quiet air compressors ensure that production noise is eliminated or reduced significantly.

When you invest in silent equipment, you eliminate the exposure to loud noise that has undesirable health and safety effects.

Why Quiet Air Compressors are Important for the Construction Industry

A super quiet air compressor is indeed important for every construction industry across the globe. Below are the reasons why quiet air compressors are important for the construction industry:

Mitigated Industrial Injuries

By investing in a silent air compressor, you mitigate unforeseen industrial injuries. How does a noise compressor encourage injury? When communication is challenging, typically orchestrated by the noise, it obstructs workflow. Thus, instructions may not be heard clearly, or some recommendations are forgotten from headache under the noise.

Note that when the workforce neglects an instruction, it results in a substantial difference between a failed and successful project.

No Hearing Impairment Risk

Exposure to loud offers a free ticket to hearing impairment. Meanwhile, HSE recommends that workers wear earmuffs or earplugs where noise levels exceed 85dB(A) within the noise zone. Is this enough? Of course, not. Moreover, it increases the problem of miscommunication, and workers become unaware of their environment.

With a silent air compressor, a construction site becomes serene, and ear straining during communication is ruled out.

Improved Industrial Productivity

Noise reduces productivity; thus, noiselessness can enhance productivity at an industrial site. In this regard, workers focus and work more efficiently since there is no noise during production.

A super quiet compressor also ensures seamless communication between construction teams which enhances collaboration at the workplace.

Quality Ventilation

The vitality of fresh ventilation and serenity cannot be overemphasized; managers, employees and customers admire accommodating ventilation, and it aids daily constructions to progress swiftly.

A traditional compressor releases not just loudness, but poisonous substances into the air. Of course, it can be damaging and harmful to the body.

Quiet air compressor ensures clean air and subjects nobody to respiratory problems.


Some noiseless compressors are oil-lubricated. In this case, they withstand harsh working conditions. When you maintain them properly and regularly, it eliminates problematic production.

A typical heavy-duty industry needs a reliable low-noise air compressor; providers like Direct Air ensures that you get the best compressor for your business.

Cons of Super Quiet Air Compressors

Not many disadvantages, but let’s assess a few cons of quiet air compressors below:


Quiet compressors arrive with additional internal parts that make it heavier, and it may be challenging to move them around.

Moreover, oil-lubricated models are believed to increase weight, though it trades for their high-level performance and durability.


Maintenance is not relatively cheap if you must handle the compressor gracefully to perform excellently for a longer time. If it is an oil-lubricated compressor, you will spend on oil changes, regular maintenance and essential part replacements to maintain optimal performance.

A noise-free compressor can arrive pre-lubricated; you have to lubricate it to keep it from wearing off incessantly.


For its performance, a quiet compressor may be costly. The reason is its additional parts, intricate design, noise-elimination technology, and operation power.

Upfront and maintenance cost adds up the price, but it retains the capability of your quiet compressor and ensures durability.

How to Select the Best Air Compressor

While you explore the market for a suitable silent air compressor, concentrate on the noise level. It would not be OK for your employees if you end up with a noisy compressor that makes it difficult to work.

Meanwhile, depending on the noise level of the compressor (if it is not noiseless entirely), you can install acoustic barriers in the compressor room.

Typical air compressor noise is measured using decibel rating (dB). So, you will expect higher noise level as the compressor rating increases.

Let’s have a look at the ratings below:

85 dB

At 85 dB, the noise level is intense and not recommendable for your production industry. Moreover, it is unhealthy for your workforce, and the company will spend more on health than investing in productivity for better yields.

60 dB

At 60 dB, a compressor noise level is considered safe. Nevertheless, you can select an even lower level to ensure a noiseless construction facility.

40 dB

At 40 dB, the noise level is low. Most small-size or domestic air compressors are designed with 40 dB noise ratings to contain noise as much as possible.

After purchasing a suitable Quiet compressor, you should receive a user manual that contains information on maintenance frequency and self-service. Your provider should also offer support options and online resources to provide excellent compressor usage practices.


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