Worried about Burglars? 10 Solid Solutions in Ensuring Your Home’s Safe

February 26, 2021

We work hard to make our houses a great place to live, from buying new TVs to investing in nice art. Our homes are filled with the things we love, and we want to ensure that those things are properly protected. Decorating our bedrooms and spending money on the interior will help us express our personality, but without home safety measures it’s hard to feel fully relaxed in our properties.

Home security methods will provide you and your family comfort by preventing burglaries. There are many steps you can take to ensure you feel safe at home, and it doesn’t have to be strenuous work. Safety should be a top priority when thinking about changes to your house. To help you get started we’ve compiled a list of security measures you can use to create a safer home.

1.Install a Burglar Alarm

You can buy burglar alarms without the extra fees by installing a stand-alone alarm. They are perfect to put by doors or windows, and anywhere you think intruders might try to break in. Motion detectors are great, as they’ll alert you of intruders before they get close to your property. You can invest in small ones that won’t ruin your house’s aesthetic but will keep you safe.

2.Invest in Blinds

Blinds are a great addition to your home without having to splash loads of cash. They are a quick and easy way to prevent people from peeping inside to see if you’ve got anything worth taking. Also, when you’re not in, pull the blinds down and leave the TV on. This way they can’t see into your property, and the TV gives the allusion that you’re in.

3.Consider Door Safety

When you’re making changes to your home think about changes that can be made to your door. Always lock every door in your house, even if you’re in, but for further changes, you can install a video bell that connects to your phone. Therefore, you can clearly see who is at your door before opening it, which is particularly helpful for elderly people.

4.Light Up the Place

Lighting helps your home feel cosy and warm, especially when you use a nice lamp, but it is also great at deterring burglars. So, when you leave the house make sure your hall lights are kept on, and you’ve lit up dark corners. Also, add a sensor light to your garden that will turn on when someone is close. This will help deter burglars as they don’t want to be noticed.

5.Add Security Gates

Think about the architecture of the place, where will a burglar try to get inside? Often, it’s the back garden. So, ensure that gates to the back garden are locked, as burglars try to access the property through hidden, dark places that are out of sight. Security gates at home will also allow you to control who can enter your driveway, as modern technology allows you to see who’s outside.

6.Limit Access to Your Home

Some houses are designed for different purposes and don’t have a place where you can install a gate. Instead, limit access to your property by making it hard to get to. To do this, create hard barriers to get through such as roses, shrubs, or thick hedges, which will make it too difficult for someone to access your property. This will make your property unappealing as thieves look for an easy way to break-in.

7.Create a Noisy Property

Burglars want to go unnoticed, so create an environment where they will make too much noise. A simple way to do this is to add gravel to your drive, as it’ll make too much noise when they’re sneaking up. It’s a good idea to leave your radio on even if you’re at home, as it’ll look like a bustling house, whereas burglars target empty properties.

8.Hide Valuables

Don’t make things easy for them by leaving your valuables in view. When you’re not home make sure your possessions are well hidden. Keep jewellry tucked away and make sure that gadgets are not close to the windows. Keep keys away from the door as burglars can reach through the letterbox to take them. Make the task as hard as possible for thieves!

9.Pretend You Have a Dog

If you have a dog, then great! Burglars hate them. Plus they have amazing hearing and will be able to hear if someone is rummaging around outside. Let your dog go and investigate outside in your garden. If you don’t have a dog pretend you have one by putting up signs like, ‘beware of the dog’ or install motion-activated dog sounds that’ll start barking if someone gets too close.

10.Know Your Neighbour

Get friendly with your neighbours. They will be able to keep an eye on your property when you’re away on holiday. A friendly neighbour can call the police on your behave and will increase your comfort when living in that neighbourhood. You can even join a neighbourhood watch so that you can be active in helping your community and prevent other properties from being targeted.

Finally, Feel Safe at Home

If you’ve bought a new house or want to improve your old one, safety should be something you take seriously. Ensuring that your property has the right safety measures in force if someone attempts to access your property, can bring great comfort to you and your family. We spend the majority of time at home, so it makes sense to spend time ensuring that everything you own is safe.

Follow the tips discussed above to help you improve your home’s safety. Remember to consider your home type, as every home is built differently and so needs a varying of safety measures. A place in the city will need a different security system to a house in the countryside. Every house is unique, but one thing we know is that every home needs to feel safe.

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