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Home Architecture Wrought Iron for Your Home, Because Why Not?

Wrought Iron for Your Home, Because Why Not?


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Do you ever wonder why some homes just feel a little bit comfortable and more inviting than those that you’ve been to before? This isn’t about having a place filled with bean bags, or having the latest home entertainment set for the guests, or rooms adorned with pieces of furniture that seems like they have been purchased from the leading brands in magazines. Generally, most guests feel the coziness of a home when the house itself has no lived-in feels that the homeowners themselves love and enjoy, regardless of living inside the comfort of their homes for years.

The question is, how will you achieve this in your home? Puzzled? Don’t be! Below are some tips on how to make this into reality with the help of wrought iron pieces:

Wrought Iron for a Rustic-styled Home

If you’re someone who’s been looking to carry out a cozy, rustic style for your humble abode, you might want to consider using metal art pieces made out of wrought iron in the living room, dining area, bedroom, foyer, and den. Furniture made from wrought iron is stylish in nature and evokes timeless elegance without having to worry about its durability (one authentic wrought iron piece can easily last for years, even decades). But of course, if you already have modern items at home and worried that your wrought iron ones will not go well when combined with them, all you have to do is get creative and do a mix and match. If you think ‘something’ is lacking to pull off the style that you’re aiming for, you can always look for things at flea markets, thrift shops, and even shop online. The things we do for the place we live in, right?

Incorporating Wrought Iron in Different Parts of the House

Spice up your plain and neutral-colored sofa in the living room or den by putting cute little wrought iron tables either in the center or on each side. On the other hand, a dull-looking dining room and foyer can use some help by adding decorative yet functional console tables made out of wrought iron, which you can easily jazz up with memorabilia from your travels and some framed pictures. Most of the time, wrought iron tables have iron-made bases and glass, marble solid wood, or even iron tabletops to complete the rustic impression. And what’s good about this is the finish used for the tables, as well as bronze, ivory, and pewter can be customized however you want.

If you think wrought iron furniture does not belong in the bedroom, think again. While there are a lot of beds available in the market that is way cheaper than wrought iron-made ones, the latter is far more superior than them. Since you spend at least a third of your everyday life in bed, it’s integral to invest in a strong and timeless wrought iron type that you’d be glad to rest and wake up for the rest of your life.

Now that you were able to find ways on how to squeeze wrought iron into your home, it’s time to add the windows to the list. Probably the most affordable and easiest way to add coziness to an unappealing interior is to use curtain rods made out of wrought iron. No matter how your curtains are styles (plain or printed), they both go well with this type of rod. What’s good about wrought iron rods is their ends. They can come in a wide plethora of designs like fleur de Lys, pinecone, star, and leaf to tailor fit different seasons and home styles. Surprisingly, these small details can help you achieve a home that’s cozy and appealing.


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