The Top 10 DIY Projects For Couples

March 31, 2021

DIY projects for couples

DIY or Do It Yourself Projects are always great fun to do. Not only can you make them for your recreation, but also for utility. Making it yourself also provides ample opportunities for customizations and personalization. Moreover, there are tutorials as well as materials readily available all over the internet that can help you achieve your DIY goals. Check out these 10 DIY projects for couples.

One of the best things about DIY projects is that you don’t need a huge budget to sort them out. Thanks to the wide collection of coupons and deals that are available at stores like RedBubble, Etsy, etc you can always shop for DIY supplies at the lowest prices. For instance, from stationery to stickers, wall art, and more - you can explore a plethora of DIY essentials at a flat 11% discount using Redbubble coupons.

There are also other stores like Wayfair, and Snapfish that have a host of DIY supplies available in the sales section. In fact, most of these stores are reasonable when it comes to prices and will let you pick up any project of your choice without worrying about the expenses behind it.

10 Must-Try DIY Projects For Couples

We have carefully curated a list of 10 DIY projects that you should definitely try. Take a look below.

  1. String Lights with Charms

String lights are a must-have in every house. Whether it is for house parties or simply for decorating your room, string lights are multi-purpose, look pretty and easy maintenance. What's more, you can now personalize them with different charms! Wrap the lights with heat-proof strings and wrap up the lights to make them prettier than your basic string lights.

  1. Thread Patterns Pillow Covers

Thread patterns are easy to make and can make for a variety of designs! Moreover, you only need some needles and threads. Red Bubble has a variety of threads in terms of quality and colors that you must check out. Change things up by upgrading your plain pillow covers into something more personal and cuter.

  1. Tie-Dye Pillow Covers

Moving on, here is another idea to beautify your pillow covers. Tie-dying is really easy but every time you can get unique patterns. The supplies needed are simple as well as easy to find. You can purchase any plain cover from stores like RedBubble, Etsy etc. Grab some appropriate paint and get going! You will get unique and personalized patterns on your pillow covers.

  1. Painted Pots

If you have a green thumb, why not add a dash of color to your plant pots and tubs? You can try color blocking, solid colors, pastels, patterns, and a lot more. You can paint on ceramic, wooden, or soil pots, just make sure to find the right type of paint to put on. There are multiple types available for various materials and also laminating coats so that your paint job stays on for a long time. You get these supplies at stores like RedBubble.

  1. Make Shelves

Move over basic horizontal shelves. With some wood and a toolbox, you can now create funky shelves and personalize the most basic utilities like shelves. There are many tutorials present all over the internet that can help you make unique-shaped shelves like hexagons. You can also paint them with patterns and colors of your own choice to add some more flair.

  1. Homemade Soaps

Homemade soaps are great fun to use as well as to make. Plus, they also make thoughtful and cute gifts. They are easy to make and the soap-making kits are easily available at sites like Etsy. You can make soaps in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and scents. They are also less harsh on the skin and cheaper in the long run. This is one of the greatest DIY projects for couples.

  1. Charger Clips

If you are someone who plugs in the charger at the same place or tends to misplace chargers, this one's for you. You can add these clips to your bedside table or kitchen countertops so that you can keep your mobile phone safely closer to you while you work. You can simply get some ring hooks and then attach them wherever you want. Slip your charger wire in through the loops so that it stays in one place.

  1. Recycle Bins

Recycle bins are a must in every room. However, much too often, we forget to put them in place or tend to not put them at all as they can be an eyesore. Assemble or make them on your own to avoid these hindrances! You can make small wooden recycle bins. Wooden planks and toolkits are easy-to-find, affordable supplies. You can also paint or write something on them to make them fit into your room’s aesthetic.

  1. Paint your Walls

Looking to do a paint job but finding it too expensive? Go the DIY route! Simply buy some paint and brushes from RedBubble, Wayfair, or any other store and give a brand-new look to your room. It is easy to do and is even a fun bonding activity in which you can call in your partner or siblings. Painting on your own also means freedom of colors, shades, and patterns so that you can paint it just the way you would want.

  1. Hang Up Paintings

The best way to personalize your room and add a new look to it is to add paintings! You can paint on your own, get your friends and family to do it (makes it all the more memorable), or even buy them to support artists and their work. There are many artists who sell their art on RedBubble and Etsy. There are various themes from fan arts to nature paintings and you can take inspiration or purchase them.


As evident from the above, there are a variety of DIY projects you can undertake. The supplies, as well as tutorials, are easy to find. Browse through RedBubble, Wayfair, and more to find supplies at affordable prices, and do not forget to make use of the offers and discounts.

I hope you enjoyed reading about these 10 DIY projects for couples. Furthermore, please leave your thoughts and comments below. Finally, read some other articles like this one on our frontpage.


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