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3 Easy DIY Projects for Seniors to Express their Creativity

It’s always helpful for older adults to find new paths to aid their mental health. Artwork isn’t just a fun activity, but it is also one of the top ways seniors can take more control of their lives and improve their mental health.

Emphasizing imagination through the arts can also be done through DIY projects. Whether an older adult lives by themselves or in a senior living community, these are enjoyable hobbies that almost anyone can do. Here are three easy DIY projects for seniors to do that can express their creativity.

Creating Suncatchers

You may have seen one of these types of ornaments before. Suncatchers are usually made out of multicolored beads or glass. They are then hung near windows or other areas with large amounts of natural light. This is so they can “catch” the sun’s rays and fill your living space with a brilliant combination of colors.

You’ll be happy to know that suncatchers can also be a simple DIY project. It’s as simple as gluing beads together, attaching a string to them, and hanging them near one of your windows or a sliding door. A suncatcher can be an excellent beginner DIY project.

This type of creative artwork isn’t just fun but also has mental health benefits. Creativity interventions have been shown to positively affect mental health indicators.

Making Pressed Flowers

Flowers have immense natural beauty. In order to preserve their gorgeous appearance, pressed flowers can be a fun DIY project for seniors to engage in.

Some pressed flower processes are time-consuming, which will have you use wooden planks, drills, or other methods that can up to four weeks. The easiest way to make pressed flowers is to use an iron, as you would for removing wrinkles from clothes. This is a simple, step-by-step process.

  1. Choose a flower that is freshly bloomed.
  2. Cut the stem at an angle–usually about 45 degrees.
  3. Remove lower leaves from the stem.
  4. Freshen your flower in a vase for a few hours with water and one teaspoon of sugar.
  5. When you’re ready to press the flower, lay it down flat on a piece of absorbent paper.
  6. Then, press the flower down between a second piece of absorbent paper, and flatten it with a heavy book.
  7. Ensure that the iron doesn’t have any water in it, then heat it on its lowest setting.
  8. Press the iron down on the top sheet of absorbent paper for about fifteen seconds. You do not have to move the iron around.
  9. Lift the iron, wait for the paper to cool, then repeat the iron pressing one more time for another fifteen seconds.

After this, the flower should be dry and rigid between the two sheets of paper. You now know how to preserve and personalize your most precious flowers with a fun DIY project.

3. Crafting Clay Jewelry

DIY projects don’t always have to be decorations for your living area. They can also be stylish jewelry creations that you can wear and show off to your loved ones.

Clay jewelry is usually made from polymer clay, a malleable material that is oven-baked so that it can harden. You’ll want to work the clay around between your hands or flatten it with a rolling pin so that it’s easier to maneuver.

You can use polymer clay to make a variety of jewelry items. Necklaces, for example, can be made by using a knife to cut a circle pattern out from the larger clay material. Once this is done, you can cut a smaller circle out near the top to loop a cord in when you’re finished. You can also add a glaze, glitter, or other personal styles to your clay jewelry.

Before that, you’ll want to bake the clay in an oven using the manufacturer’s directions of whichever polymer clay type you bought. Ensure that you allow time for the clay to cool before you start the decorative process.

Creative projects can be an excellent way for seniors to have fun with their loved ones and improve their mental wellness. These three DIY projects can be a new start for seniors to express their creativity more easily and effectively.



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