4 Must-Visit Meeting Spaces in West Hollywood

March 3, 2021

Whether you're meeting with a loved one, a colleague, or a future client, it's best to select a space that signals how personable or productive you want to be during your time together.

West Hollywood is full of top-notch workspaces and diners that cater to meetings both professional and personal. Here are some of the locals' favorite locations for catching up and collaborating.

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A minimalist, sustainable approach to gathering at The Assembly

The Assembly is the perfect mix between a modernized community workspace and a cafe. While you collaborate with colleagues and clients, the staff work to support your engagements by serving coffee, fresh juices, and healthy, delectable snacks.

Every item served at this cafe is sustainably and ethically sourced from its commercial partners. Management's goal here is to provide a space where innovation can thrive, but not at the expense of the local or global community's social, environmental, and economic impact.

It's the perfect space to secure a moment of peace, order, and quiet away from West Hollywood's constant bustling.

Even the interior design is consciously curated to encourage concentration throughout your meeting, given the minimalist design, natural color palette, and modest succulent collection. There are no crazy paintings or wild color schemes to draw your attention away from work.

It's best to schedule your meeting here during the weekdays, as these are the calmest times of the business day. The maximum time that most people spend is about two hours due to parking. As long as you're there, the free Wi-Fi and available outlets will help keep you on task.

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Enjoy the breeze and boho decor at The Outdoors Coffee

Since life drastically changed in 2020, the demand for outdoor seating has skyrocketed. Whether you're looking to have a full meal or just planning to grab a coffee with a friend, having the option to sit outside the diner is a huge plus.

Thankfully, that's precisely what Outdoors Coffee has to offer.

This cafe has just opened a charming garden to seat its patrons, decorated with boho furnishings of rich red, blue, and golden hues.

You don't have to worry about too much exposure to the sun or wind, as there are several seating options protected underneath a canvas tent with gentle lighting to illuminate the space.

The Outdoors Cafe is ideal for all sorts of meetings, from small, private study sessions to larger discussion groups. The cafe encompasses approximately 4,000 square feet outside and does not cut corners when it comes to modern amenities.

Alongside the perks of sitting in the natural environment, you also get to enjoy modern amenities like free Wi-Fi and charging stations. So, feel free to bring along your laptop or tablet to take notes while you study or chat.

The Outdoors Cafe offers reservations for group sizes ranging from four to 100. You can arrange a private breakfast meeting with your colleagues or friends by contacting the cafe directly.

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Invite your team to collaborate at Industrious

Industrious is all about providing optimal workspaces for professional groups. Additionally, the venue aims to please the eyes with its elegant interior design and panoramic views of the West Hollywood cityscape.

Whether you're working on your own or with a group of people, Industrious offers the following perks in their all-inclusive memberships:

  • Wellness room
  • Office supplies
  • Unlimited printing
  • High-speed Wi-Fi
  • Coffee and snacks
  • Private conference rooms

Depending on where you decide to meet within the Industrious building, you can also bring your pet coworkers along. Meals and snacks may be available as well upon request.

Industrious offers numerous meeting spaces for groups of various sizes to rent monthly. An Oasis Membership will get you access to any Industrious location, requiring payment only for the days you use.

You can also rent a dedicated desk within a locked, private, move-in ready office, or you can go all out and secure a private office for you and your professional team. Rates vary depending on the amenities you need — contact Industrious directly for more information.

Industrious is undoubtedly one of the best places in West Hollywood for professionals to meet and collaborate in a beautiful yet productive space with excellent amenities for both human and animal visitors.

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Schedule a meeting with colleagues or loved ones at Cecconi's

Another location that offers outdoor dining, Cecconi's is a favorite meeting spot in West Hollywood. Here, you can enjoy the fresh air and spectacular plants while catching up with loved ones or going over work tasks with your coworkers.

Most people choose this venue primarily for lunch meetings with prospective clients and colleagues. However, you can easily select a visiting time that allows for a more casual feel.

This modern Italian restaurant serves fresh, handmade pasta within classic Italian dishes, along with seafood options to sate your hunger while you collaborate or chat informally.

You can schedule your gatherings for weekend mornings or in the evening during the weekdays and arrive on a first-come, first-served basis. If you expect to come with too many people for a walk-in visit, call ahead instead to ensure you all have seats.

Cecconi's offers several menus, including an "all-day" selection, brunch cuisine, dolci options (sweet desserts), wine, cocktails, and a takeaway menu. Of course, your preferred menu will depend on the type of meetup you're preparing for. Plan ahead so you don't miss out on your preferred plate.

Most groups range from two to 20 people. If you expect to meet with more people, call Cecconi's ahead of time to reserve your space.

Invite loved ones and colleagues to West Hollywood's best meeting spaces

West Hollywood's meeting spaces are beyond compare. Reserve your meetup at any of the above locations or search for another meeting space in West Hollywood to host your next session.


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