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5 Cool Things about Lego Architecture Studio

Lego Architecture Studio


There’s a certain satisfaction and inner bliss in building something with your hands, topped with the sense of accomplishment as you finally display your completed work. That’s exactly what makes the timeless LEGO bricks so popular to all ages and whether you’re finding an escape from the daily grind or you’re into the collecting scene, Lego is a meaningful venture that’s worth your time, effort, and yes, money! Learn about Lego Architecture Studio.

Lego continues to bring interesting product lines and one of the hottest Lego products today is Lego Architecture Studio. At first, this can come us pricey white bricks in a box and quite an intimidating Lego kit for startups, but looking further into it, the Lego kit is a worthy purchase. With 1,200 pieces and with 76 unique components, it’s a great way to flex up your creativity.

A Variety of Components

As they say, the details are not the details, they make the design. The Lego Architecture Studio bricks come only a third of the height of the typical Scale Model bricks of Lego which was a product line they had back in the ’60s. The smaller components mean you can create more detailed structures.

You get unique components that are useful for building homes to urban landscapes, such as bricks with slope, which is great for making roofs, angular bricks, bricks with bows and arches, frames and windows, and so much more.

A Comprehensive Manual

The Lego Architecture Studio comes with a 250-page manual that includes tips, techniques, and ideas as a starting point. The guidebook is not your ordinary instructions manual but the glossy colored pages are in itself an inspiring source of ideas, and you get to learn more about architecture.

An Opportunity for Imagination to Wild

From bungalows to an entire city, the Lego Architecture Studio appeals to a wide range of Lego users. There’s great potential for creativity. Architects can have something to play around with in between breaks.

Good Conceptualization and Visualization Kit

When Lego Architecture Studio first hit the shelves, there’s a resonating question for potential shoppers and that is, why only in white? The wide array of bricks that comes in white and transparent makes a good conceptualization startup. Most architects do like doing a sketchy sketch or creating a block model at the onset of the design process.  Overall it’s a great tool to visualize 3D objects in the real world for designers.

You can Simulate Shadows

Sometimes it is difficult to visualize how shadows will interact with a structure that does not yet exist in a given space. Having a real 3D representation of structure will allow architects to quickly simulate shadows. This is the case even if it is just an approximate representation of the real thing.

Lego Architecture Studio Conclusion

Legos started as nothing more but a fun toy for children to mess around with. Furthermore,  those of us who grew up with these can attest to the level of creativity we can express, and lose hours making all sorts of things our imagination can conjure. Alternatively, small-scaled models can be wonderful decorative pieces for the AFOLs ( Adult Fan of Lego).


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