5 Long-Term Benefits of Metal Building Structures

March 24, 2021

The London Aquatics Center. The Disney Concert Hall. The Brooklyn Bridge.

These buildings and structures are incredible architectural achievements. They've endured harsh conditions but are incredibly sturdy. The thing that they have in common?

They're buildings made of metal.

Thousands of metal building structures around the world are built with metal for good reason. Their resistance to fire and other elements make metal coveted building material.

In this article, we'll be exploring the 5 benefits of metal building structures and why you should consider them.

1. Save Energy

Metal structures and metal garage buildings often don't require heating and air conditioning, depending on the climate. This immediately translates to more energy savings.

Even residential and other commercial buildings that need more AC benefit from metal construction. Deeper wall cavities in metal buildings allow for efficient insulation.

This makes buildings much more comfortable to be in, especially in the dead of winter or scorching summer days. It's also a more eco-friendly option since you won't need tons of wood to build your structure.

2. Reduced Insurance (From More Protection)

Metal and steel structures are naturally resistant to fire, winds, earthquakes, and snow. Compared to other materials, metal provides far more protection.

Insurance companies often look at this as a price-determining factor. More often than not, metal buildings get more insurance discounts for their added protection.

Plus, you'll know your building is properly protected from the elements. This added security will be beneficial during storms and other inclement weather.

3. Longer Value

Metal building structures investments to pay off. They hold their value.

Superior metal structures like the Eiffel Tower and the Brooklyn Bridge are world wonders for a reason. Their metal construction allows them to hold up for centuries.

Metal structures retain their look for decades and will stay straight for years. This means metal buildings will remain valuable for years to come and need far less maintenance.

Speaking of which...

4. Less Maintenance

One of the most attractive benefits to metal building structures is the decreased maintenance. Unlike bricks, wood, cement, or other building materials, you won't have to repair or replace metal structures as often.

Because it doesn't have any organic materials, you also won't have to worry about mold. This leads to lower maintenance costs, bolstering the already cost-effectiveness of metal.

5. Pest Resistant

Fungal growth and termites can really do a number of wood-constructed buildings. These buildings have to spend a fortune just to keep these critters and organisms out of their foundation.

This isn't a concern with metal buildings. Like we mentioned earlier, all-metal structures are inorganic. Fungus, mold, termites, and other unwanted visitors won't compromise the foundation.

Leverage Benefits of Metal Building Structures Today

While metal might seem intimidating, property owners will be thanking themselves for constructing metal building structures. Whether you're looking to optimize your energy efficiency or lower maintenance costs, metal is the right move.

Use this article to help you decide if metal building structures are right for you. For more informative articles on modern architecture, check out the rest of our site!


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