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5 Tips To Keep Your LCD Screen Clean


An LCD screen gives out one of the most beautiful display resolutions around, with resolutions going up to 8K. However, it is a challenging display screen to take care of. The LCD screen quickly gets dirty or dusty from any form of contact or if you place it in a dusty environment.

If you want to find out why you need to clean your LCD screen and the five best tips to keep it tidy, you’re in luck. Read on to find all of this out.

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Why You Need To Clean Your LCD Screen

Similar to many other devices, LCD screens such as 65UN7300PTC get dirty reasonably quickly. Hence, it would be ideal if you cleaned the screen regularly to protect yourself from the following:


Germs are impossible to detect with the human eye. Even if you don’t think they are there, they’re always present on every surface. What’s more, is that germs are mostly always in abundance everywhere you go. If you leave these germs on your screen, you can easily pick them up with your fingers. This contact may lead you to develop infections or illnesses.

Thus to protect yourself and your family from these germs, it is important to clean regularly.

Dust and dirt particles

Getting the dirt on your screen is inevitable. For one, there are always dirt particles floating around. This makes it relatively easy for dust and other particles to get attached to your LCD screen. Your children or even other adults can also transfer the dirt to the LCD screen with their fingers in the form of smudges and stains. Ultimately, the accumulation of dust and dirt particles on your screen can lead to an unpleasant-looking screen.

Hence, it is essential to regularly clean your LCD screen to rid yourself of all the dirt particles on your display.

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5 Tips For Cleaning Your LCD Screen

Now that you understand why you need to clean your screen, below are five tips you need to clean your screen.

Turn off the device

As a general rule, you should never keep any device on when you’re cleaning it. Doing so means putting yourself through an enormous risk of electric shock, fire, or other electrical hazards. Additionally, try and disconnect it from AC power to keep yourself safe. This tip is the first thing you should do when you want to clean LCD screens or any available device.

Dust the screen before you start

More often than not, there is always a thin layer of dust on your LCD screen, making the screen look old and unpleasant. Also, applying any cleaning product on an LCD screen while dust is present would create annoying smudges. Thus, dusting your screen regularly is necessary to keep the LCD screen looking amazing.

Don’t clean with alcohol.

It is common knowledge that alcohol is an excellent cleaning agent. Many people worldwide use it to clean their car, home windows, surfaces, and even dress injuries. However, it is not advisable to apply alcohol or any alcohol-based cleaner on your LCD screen.

You should never apply it because alcohol contains substances that can rub off anti-reflective coatings on many LCD screens. Additionally, it can also irredeemably damage your screen or cause clouding or backlight bleeding on its surface. Instead, it would be ideal if you cleaned your LCD screen with a mild cleaning agent. This cleaning agent is unlikely to cause any damage to your screen, prolonging its life.

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Don’t spray liquids directly on your LCD screen

If you want to start a fire, one of the fastest ways to go about it is spraying liquids on electrical devices. Without a doubt, spraying liquid products on your LCD screen directly is a bad idea that may put you and your family in potential danger.

Unlike their compact and bulky ancestors, LCD monitors and televisions come with holes due to materials’ layering. When you spray a cleaning liquid on these modern TVs, it can quickly get into any of these holes. Thus, it would be better to spray the cleaning agent on a piece of cloth with a soft texture before applying it to the screen.

Don’t use rags or paper towels.

Due to their delicate nature, LCD screens are prone to scratches. That said, it is not advisable to use rags or paper towels to wipe the dirt away. For one, manufacturers don’t create paper towels to clean LCD screens. They are often mildly coarse and abrasive. Also, rags in your home are most likely rough. Using any of these to wipe your LCD screen could leave irreversible scratches, making it look not very pleasant.

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The Bottom Line

Of all types of screens available today, LCD screens give out one of the most beautiful displays. However, to consistently give off this brilliance, you need to regularly take care of your LCD screen. Luckily, these five tips mentioned above can help you achieve that and protect you from avoidable danger.



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