7 Exciting Treatments For Sliding Window Doors

March 3, 2021


As much as every corner of your house needs your undivided attention, some areas need extra care. For instance, homes with sliding glass doors are more involving due to the nature of their design.

On the bright side, sliding window doors give life and shape to any home. Daylight penetrates every corner of the house freely, thanks to their unique design. Accurate maintenance practices are all there is to it. Here are seven exciting treatments for sliding window doors.

Vertical Blinds

Most homeowners are inclined to using vertical blinds for various reasons, including their sense of versatility. Sliding window doors are high maintenance projects that vertical blinds are suited for.

Of all the sliding door blinds, vertical blinds tend to exude an aura of elegance and other unique factors. They are quite beneficial to the sliding glass doors and the entire house in general.

Some of the benefits of vertical blinds include:

  • They can cover a wider distance – Sliding window doors vary in length and size. Vertical blinds can cover any distance regardless of how big or small space may be.
  • They are easy to use – You only have to ensure that you install them correctly to enjoy this great benefit.
  • They are durable – Quality vertical blinds can last you long enough only to want to change them when you want to. They rarely get worn out.
  • There is a wide variety to choose from - Rather than only use the same design for the longest time, you can change vertical blinds from time to time.



Custom Draperies

You can use curtains and draperies that suit your sense of style to make your sliding glass doors stand out. Curtains are everything when it comes to the overall atmosphere and appearance of your house.

They give you room to apply all the styles and designs you’d like to try on your windows. For instance, you can cover up the sliding glass doors when you’re not in the mood to show them off.

Custom-made draperies and curtains can also show the finer and exciting side of your home. You can experiment with them until you finally see the idea that works best for you.


Shutters are exciting treatments that come along with plenty of benefits. For example, privacy is one of the most underrated advantages that come with shutters.

Ventilation is another blessing that keeps your house in check at all times. Shutters allow the free flow of air without straining so much. It only gets better since this benefit gets rid of stale air.

Shutters are also known to offer protection from all sorts of potentially harmful and destructive factors. They prevent harmful insects from taking over the peace and comfort of your house. Hurricane shutters help prevent damage from hurricanes, tropical storm and other severe weather.




Vertical Shades

Another excellent option for homes with larger sliding glass doors is the vertical cellular shades. They have pockets that are shaped like honeycombs. These pockets are an adaptation feature that helps in regulating the atmosphere of your house.

Aside from this convenient feature, vertical shades also facilitate the amount of light that peers into your living room or bedroom. You can match them up with sheers that offer genuine coverage from top to bottom.

What’s more, there are various lighting control options at your disposal. You can use the vertical cellular shades option for any room in your house that’s fitted with sliding glass doors.

You are free to adjust the light control settings to suit your personality, among other factors.

Sliding Panel Track Blinds

As the name suggests, this is one of the modern solutions to sliding glass doors that homeowners find hard to resist. Sliding panel track blinds are classy, elegant and accentuate your personality as a homeowner.

Aside from acting as a treatment for sliding window doors, they can also act as room dividers if yours is too big to handle. Using these treatments makes your room available for other tasks and makes the most of the extra space.

Nature enthusiasts will love this option since it comes in various wooden materials that are 100% natural. This trendy style is eco-friendly and will not interfere with your other plans to decorate your house.




Vertical Sheers

Vertical sheers can go both ways since they are a rare combination of draperies and blinds. They work correctly if you need privacy and provide ample lighting when you need an unrivaled view outside.

Stacking it side by side gives your room a unique and beautiful look. What’s more, it’s not as challenging to maintain but requires a keen eye once in a while.

Homeowners who are passionate about giving their living rooms a luxurious and exquisite look can try the vertical sheers.

Roller Shades

As the name suggests, you can operate roller shades only by rolling out the shadows to the side of your choice. You can have them installed under one headrail to give you an easy time when rolling them aside.

You can either settle for a single roller shade or buy a pair, depending on your taste and preference.


Final Thoughts

Sliding window doors are an investment since they contribute to the overall look of your home. Shop for one or more of the treatments mentioned above to give your sliding glass doors an enchanting look. Better still, you are at liberty to try each one of them out.



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