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7 Reasons Why Powder Coating Is the Best Way to Paint Car Parts and Other Metal Items

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Are you looking to paint an automobile or some other type of metal item? If so, you might consider utilizing powder coating. This is an epoxy powder that’s heated and fused to the outside of a piece of metal.

There are a number of benefits that come with powder coating. Wondering why you should use a powder coating service to help paint car parts? Here are 7 reasons.

1. It Can Be Performed Quickly

Powdering coating is a quick process that generally takes no longer than 30 minutes. The powder is applied in just a few seconds and then cures soon after. This is a huge benefit, as it enables items to be painted in a very short amount of time.

If you were to use wet painting methods, you would have to apply several coats of paint. Each coat would need to dry before the next could be applied, leading to hours and hours of work.

There’s really no contest here: powder coating is about as efficient a painting method as you’re going to find. The key is to utilize the services of a reputable powder coating company.

2. It’s Durable

If durability matters to you (and it should), then powder coating is a great option. Powder coating creates a thick, impenetrable surface of color that’s exceedingly difficult to scratch or chip. This makes it a particularly effective option for automobiles, which are consistently exposed to potentially harmful entities.

Generally speaking, powder coating lasts for between 15 and 20 years. However, if you keep your vehicle out of the elements, then it can last even longer.

Traditional paint is lucky to last half this long. Not to mention, it scratches, chips, and flakes with ease.

If you want your paint job to last for the long haul, go with powder coating. It should last for the life of your vehicle.

3. It’s Aesthetically Diverse

Some metal painting techniques only allow for standard and neutral colors. This is not the case with powder coating.

Because powder coats can be mixed, they can create a bevy of different colors. In fact, they can even create different textures, providing unique dimensions to vehicles as needed.

Powder coating, in general, creates a smooth and sleek appearance, one that evokes quality and professionalism. If you want your metal items to possess a high-end aesthetic, powder coating is a good way to go.

4. It’s Easy to Maintain

Every form of painting comes with its own specific maintenance needs. Fortunately, the maintenance needs of powder coating are quite minimal.

Seeing as powder coating protects vehicles against oxidation and other forms of damage, it really only needs to be cleaned from time to time. There’s no need for a de-rusting solution or regular re-application, for that matter. A wet and soapy rag will do, removing surface residue, and allowing the true aesthetic of the powder coating to shine.

In short, maintaining powder coating is no different than maintaining your car. Just wash it every few weeks and everything should turn out alright.

5. It’s Clean to Work With

When you’re painting metals, you’re bound to make a mess of some sort. Note, though, that the mess made by powder coating is almost sure to be less than the mess made with wet paints.

Wet paints, after all, stick to things. And unfortunately, once they’ve dried, they’re exceedingly difficult to remove.

Powder coating, on the other hand, doesn’t stick unless heated and cured. Therefore, if it ends up on the ground, for example, it can easily be cleaned up with either a vacuum or a rubber mop.

This ease of cleanliness can come in major handy when it comes to working in a commercial environment. You don’t have to worry about getting paint on other vehicles, and can quickly clean up and move on to the next vehicle as needed.

6. It Saves Space

Depending on the size of your shop, you may or may not have much room to store paint supplies. If you have a need for a large volume of supplies, this can cause trouble.

What you might not realize, however, is that powder coating supplies will take up less room than will liquid painting supplies. If you have a need to keep many different colors on the premises, this difference in storage capacity can make a huge impact.

In fact, using powder coating might even save you from having to rent additional storage space or from having to build additional storage facilities yourself.

7. It’s Safe for the Environment

One last reason to utilize powder coating is that it’s safe for the environment. Not only does it not put dangerous substances into the atmosphere but it doesn’t pollute waterways either. In addition, it also creates very little waste, thus helping to take some strain off of landfills and other disposal areas.

Now, this doesn’t mean that it can be used without precaution. Breathing in powder coating residue during its application isn’t necessarily healthy. But with the proper precautions (and safety equipment), you’ll get an awesome end result, all the while protecting yourself and the environment that surrounds you.

Paint Car Parts the Right Way With Powder Coating

If you’re looking to paint car parts the right way, you needn’t look any further than metal coating with powder. Powder coating is not only highly durable but it’s attractive as well. It can transform the look and functionality of your automobile.

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