8 Ways To Design A Healthy Home

March 22, 2021

When you are designing a home, you are likely picturing yourself living your best and healthiest life inside of it one day.

And, while a lot of a healthy lifestyle comes from well-ingrained habits and healthy choices like eating well, exercising, and getting medical care when you need it, you can help kick start your healthy living journey by making strategic and thoughtful home design choices.

Below, we will cover 8 ways you can design your home to help keep you and your family happier, healthier, and more productive.

  1. Let the light in

The right lighting can help boost your mood, productivity, and comfort levels.

And, for a healthy life, nothing is better than a room full of natural light.

Seeing the natural wax and wane of the light throughout the day will help regulate your circadian rhythms, and give the room a homey feel.

Design rooms with plenty of thought to how the natural light will enter, even taking into account the way the windows are facing.

  1. Making healthy flooring choices

Flooring may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of healthy building decisions, but maybe it should be.

If you choose a synthetic fiber carpet for your home, for instance, you are choosing chemical off-gassing, an increased surface area for trapped dust and dirt, plus an Olympic-sized challenge to thoroughly clean soiled or dirty areas.

You want to choose a material that will not have off-gassing or is composed of natural materials like linoleum or hardwood. Aside from the material, you want something that is flat and smooth to avoid dirt and dust build-up and give you an easily ground cleanable surface.

If you have pets or young children that like to crawl around on the ground, the choice of flooring is even more important to help keep your home as clean as possible.

  1. Make room for greenery

The power of plants is real. Being around plants can help boost mood, reduce stress levels, increase productivity, and even help people heal faster in some situations.

Plan for either a view filled with plenty of greenery, or make space for the option of air-purifying house plants.

You will have fresher air, a trendy bohemian vibe, and a more beautiful mood-boosting interior -- this is a win-win.

  1. Make the bedrooms serene

Healthy sleep is a must if you want to live a long and healthy life. But, all too often sleep hygiene and the importance of a good 7-8 hours are overlooked or shoved aside for other priorities.

You can help improve your sleep by thoughtfully designing the bedrooms. Keep bedroom away from potentially high-traffic late-night or early morning areas like the kitchen or TV room. And, if you are located near a loud street, plan for the bedrooms to be as far away as possible.

Aside from the locations of the rooms, plan for keeping electronics and televisions out of the rooms as much as possible, and install blackout curtains to avoid any extra-bright streetlights or outdoor lights from throwing a wrench in your slumber.

  1. Design to reduce dust

Tons of open shelving, crown molding, and other visually interesting wall design features may be your style. But, you need to keep in mind that all of these nooks, grooves, and shelves are creating the perfect extra surface area for dust to settle.

In order to reduce your dusting time, and keep dust from settling all over your home, sleek and straight-down walls with closed shelving can help keep the dustiness to a minimum.

The same goes with clutter for all of your knick-knack enthusiasts. Less is more when it comes to a healthy home and reducing your overall dust burden.

  1. Make a space for shoe removal

One of the biggest contributors to outdoor dirt, grime, and bacteria entering your home is on the bottom of shoes.

Plan out your home entryway to have an inviting shoe removal and storage area. This will signal guests that you prefer to keep a shoe-free household without seeming pushy, and your flooring will stay much cleaner because of it.

  1. Design a healthy home office

If you regularly work from home, you need to make a quiet and comfortable space to really focus.

Choose an area far from the hustle and bustle of the household to dedicate to work at home.

Consider plenty of natural light to avoid headaches from bright overhead lighting, and keep the area decluttered.

Set up a comfortable desk and chair, and consider using furniture with ergonomic features like chairs to help avoid back pain, or desks where you can elevate them to stand up periodically and get your blood flowing.

  1. Dedicate a space to get moving

If you plan to incorporate a regular workout routine into most of your days, you are on the right track to optimal health.

And, for some, the use of a home gym or dedicated exercise area can help keep you motivated.

Plan on locating your workout area in a place where you will walk by or see it on a daily basis as a mental trigger to work it into your day, as basement, attic, or far removed home gyms are more likely to go unused.


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