8 Ways to Turn Your Home Into a Smart Home

March 17, 2021


The technological world is continually evolving, and we are witnessing the changes happen right before our very eyes. From our phones, vehicles, and establishments, everything can be done through the eyes of a digital screen or with the help of artificial systems. In fact, who’s to say that you shouldn’t include your home either? Today, we’re here to help you on how you can add your own home automation system for your current residence and what are some of the necessary tips and tricks we can recommend to make you look like a tech-savvy homeowner.

1. Create Your Own Lightning Experience

You may not know it, but lighting can actually make or break how splendid your home looks. Gone are the days of traditional ceiling lights and old-fashioned chandeliers; subtle ambient lighting is the current trend that also seems like the future standard for all houses too. Having control of how bright your indoors looks is a big help especially if you want your lighting to be a bit dimmer or brighter, and this can be easily done with just a push of a button on a device with the help of your mobile device and a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection.

What’s better is that, if you want to save up your money and keep your existing lighting system, you can opt to just change your outdated switches with some smart ones. Some companies offer a centralized lighting system that offers you full control of all light appliances. These are just some of the few, but it’s still up to you on how you want your lighting to look, so our advice: be creative!

2. Get The Right Sound

Smart speakers aren’t just all about aesthetics, but they’re also about convenience as well. It can also add to the vibe you have going around in your home too, and the ability to have you play and control your Spotify playlist all throughout your home is just one of technology’s many gifts. You won’t have to look at those ugly wires scattered around all over too, and if you’re worried about the sound quality of wireless speakers, rest assured that they offer Hi-Fi quality audio that’s suited for your household. See, going wireless isn’t always a bad thing after all.

3. Be Ready to Talk to a Machine

Siri’s pretty useful isn’t she, and once you get to talk to her more, she can do so many things for you without the constant nagging and complaining. That’s why we recommend taking it up a notch too, because with the help of products like Google Home and Amazon Echo, voice control can be made readily available for you.

From asking to lower the volume of your TV or brightening the lights in your room, voice control aims to provide homeowners convenience and easy access to your appliances with just the power of words. We’re not saying that it’s a trip to laziness, but it allows you to focus on other more important matters going on, and maybe help in your communication in some form too.

4. Breathe Some Healthy Air

Air filters nowadays are just so much more than what their name suggests they do. In fact, they provide so much more benefits in addition to looking high-tech and cool. HEPA air filters, for example, remove particle matter in your home and have lots of long term health benefits that they can give, while also giving you better sleep as well.

These devices also relieve people with asthma because they clear out harmful air pollutants that cause difficulty in breathing. They also get rid of all those unpleasant odors and harmful chemicals that can cause irritation to your body and your sense of smell. And like all other smart technologies, most air filters have remote access from which you can use your phone to control them.

5. Trust Your Security to Keep You Safe

With all that technology going around, it’s more important than ever to keep all of those safe from any burglars around. The need for security systems is more important than ever, and we’re not just talking about having a plain CCTV installed. We’re talking about smart security systems such as sensors and smart cameras with integrated remote surveillance, so that you can view what’s happening from another device, anytime, anywhere.

The advantage of having smart cameras installed is that they come with built-in motion sensors that help in detecting unusual movement and have live feedback of what’s going on. You can even set alerts for anything you might deem suspicious to you, even before they try setting foot in your home. Lastly, they’re very easy to install and won’t be too complicated to manage too.

6. Get Those Smart Plugs Going On

If you must know, a smart plug lets you actively turn on or off any device you have plugged in the socket. It’s very useful especially if you’re the type of person who likes to leave their appliance plugged in and forget to unplug when it’s overcharged already. If you want to conserve electricity and lessen the cost of your bills too, then this will be the right thing for you too. You can even schedule when the device will be turned on or off. So if you just came home from work, be ready for your home lights to greet you on a good evening once you set foot inside.

The convenience is especially noticeable in the kitchen. Imagine waking up with readily made coffee or coming home with already cooked food. It doesn’t just save you the time, but also the energy too if you’re feeling lazy on one of your days.

7. Make Your Air Conditioner Smart

With a smart aircon, you can conserve a whole lot of energy and save more of your hard-earned money by having your A/C programmed to have the temperature change depending on the hour. Some aircons are even smart enough that they will automatically save your routine so that they’ll be the ones that adjust the temperature on the time of day. So if you’re worried that you’ll wake up or come home to freezing temperatures, don’t because your aircon got you and your bills covered.

8. A Smart Irrigation System is the Way To Go

Transforming your home into a smart home isn’t just limited to the property itself. The advances in technology are so vast that you can even control how you want to water your plants in your garden through installing some smart irrigation systems in place, and like other smart appliances, all of them can be controlled through the use of a single app. Without the hassle of manually putting labor to your garden, you can be able to effectively manage how to keep your plants healthy and hydrated all the time.

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