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Cant Hook Vs Log Peavey: for Turning and Moving Big logs

You must be new to the logging game.

Because all the old folks out there solved the cant hook vs. peavey problem in their early days. You need to have a feel for the tools to know which one is better for what.

And when it comes to turning and moving big logs, I will put my bet on the cant hook.


Because the two biting edges of the tool will give you a better grip than a peavey, but if you consider all the things that these are used for, peaveys should come on top. Therefore, it is a close competition, but the cant hook is the best for rolling logs.

So, there you have your answer. Now, you can just get the best cant hooks to get a bigger grip on the log.

Or you can read the rest of the article to get a better understanding of these tools.

What Is a Cant Hook?

It is a tool with a long handle with a biting edge at one end with a movable hook. The biting edge is also a small hook that bites into the wood for a better grip. These small hooks can be of two types:

  • Hog nose hook
  • Crow foot hook

Some cant hooks might also include a log stand. These are generally removable. They are fixed to a point to cut through a log without hitting the ground easily.

The main part of this tool is the freely moving hook. It is generally a forged duckbill hook.

These hooks are also called cant dogs or ring dogs. Primarily they were called swing dingles because it was just a stick with a swinging hook.

What Is a Log Peavey?

Some use the term peavey interchangeably with the cant hook, and others see it as a completely different tool. However, I like to call the log peavey a type of cant hook because the cant hook is undoubtedly the predecessor of the log peavey.

A log peavey is a long handle with a metal spike at the end with a movable hook. So, it is basically a cant hook with a spike at the end instead of another hook. These can also have log stands. And most of the hooks here are also the typical duckbill hook.

What Is the Cant Hook Used For?

These are most useful in sawmills for turning big logs. In the early days, you could see them in every dockyard and wood processing mills. So, they are a favorite for professionals. People who have to work in uneven terrain also love this tool.

What Is the Peavey Used For?

These were primarily designed for river drives. But nowadays, it is most used by semi-professionals or non-professionals. Because they can be used in a variety of ways, it is your pry bar, cant hook, and even a breaker for weaker wood.

A Comparison of the Cant Hook and Log Peavey

Now that you have a complete idea of the two tools, it will be easy for you to understand their differences. So, let’s see the positives and negatives of each of the hooks.

Benefits of Cant Hooks

  • Rolling logs is the easiest with this tool
  • Safe to use for moving heavy longs in an incline
  • Logs mounted on the trucks can be rolled easily from the ground
  • You can easily make these at home with the correct tools
  • Does less damage to the wood for the blunt edge

Negatives of Cant Hooks

  • Can hardly be used as a pry bar for the small hook.
  • Hard to push logs in a certain direction.

Benefits of Log Peavey

  • Moving logs on the ground is very easy with this tool
  • Logs can be pried out of piles effortlessly
  • Sorting logs in piles becomes very easy with it
  • Good for getting between logs and separating them
  • When you jam it in the ground, it stands up perfectly
  • Logs can easily be pushed in a certain direction

Negatives of Log Peavey

  • Logs can slide off in freezing conditions.
  • There is also a chance of sliding off when rolling a heavy log up an incline.

In conclusion, we can say that the cant hook is certainly the best choice for rolling, turning, and moving large and heavy logs. So, if most of your work involves these activities, you should go for the cant hook.

But in a comparison where any particular activity is not stressed, the log peavey will be a better choice.

Final Words

I think I have squeezed everything there is to talk about cant hooks and peaveys. However, I would suggest you stop thinking about the winner between the two because the best is one of each.



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