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Check Your Upholstery Before You Wreck Your Upholstery 

You might think that your bed is your abode in your home. While your bed may be the place where you feel most at rest, it is not where you spend most of your time. Where you are spending a lot of your time is actually on your furniture.

Furniture gets the most use out of probably any other item in our house. We use furniture throughout the day. We use it for work, relaxation, and recreation. There is no point in time where our furniture isn’t getting used. That’s why it is not surprising that furniture goes through a lot of wear and tear.

It is not just the structure of the furniture itself, but it is also the upholstery that is going through a lot of stress. Now you could make really long-lasting furniture by doing the upholstery yourself. You can add a lot of life to your furniture’s upholstery if you get to select the fabrics and protections, but everyone doesn’t get that option.

Most of us are instead relying on pre-built furniture that we are choosing for our houses. So what’s the best way to ensure that our furniture stays looking good years on end?

How To Make Your Upholstery Last Long 

The first thing you must understand is that how much you use your furniture often determines how much wear and tear it has. Your upholstery will usually start fading after a lot of use. This is because of two things, dirt, and friction.

Friction from other fabrics rubbing across the upholstery starts pitching away at the pants and the threads in your upholstery fabric. The harder or harsher the other fabric is, the quicker your upholstery fabric will begin to fade. Fabrics like denim, jute, linen can cause a lot of friction.

Dirt is the second factor that affects the wear and tear of furniture upholstery. Dirt (and other particulate matter) act like tiny little abrasives. Dirt is found in a thin layer (or thick) on top of your furniture. So when the friction effect occurs, dirt just makes it much worse. Think of dirt like granules of salt in a mortar and pestle. Those tiny granules make the friction make worse than it would be without them.

The second way that dirt and grime affect your upholstery’s lifespan is by muting the colors. Even if your upholstery is not as faded, dirt just makes it look so much older. Especially when it just completely penetrates the upholstery fabric.

What can you do to make your upholstery last longer? 

The easiest way to make your furniture upholstery last longer is by getting it cleaned regularly. Regular cleaning keeps your upholstery fabric free from dirt. Dirt-free furniture looks much better. There is no layer of dust muting the colors, after all. Secondly, without dirt there acting as an abrasive, the friction effect is significantly reduced. Without a lot of friction there, upholstery fabrics can last for a much longer time.

Our company provides professional upholstery cleaning services to keep your furniture looking new for years to come.

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