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Creative Ideas to Maximise Your Home Storage Space

When it comes to storage, you cannot compromise. Storage is central to a comfortable living experience. You don’t want to stay in a living space crammed with personal belongings carelessly thrown all over the place. The ambience is discomforting and the chances of losing your possessions is high. Storage spaces ensure your belongings are well organized. Everything has its place and as a result your living experience is heightened. There are several ways you can maximize home storage spaces and start enjoying rejuvenated living conditions. Here are some creative ideas to maximise your home storage space.


The first step in maximizing home storage spaces is decluttering. Unfortunately, home storage spaces are often used to horde belongings. Some of the items stuffed in drawers or tucked deep in the closets are useless. Clearing out what you don’t need will definitely free up a lot of space and maximize storage.

Substitute Closet Space

If your home is short of storage space you can use alternatives. Baskets are great for holding belongings and they simplify organization. Moreover, they are stylish. You can also install hooks and open drawers. They are great for holding items that are frequently in use. Hooks in particular come in handy when customizing drop zones at the front door.

Design Hidden Storage

Storage should not be limited to closets, drawers and cabinets. Other items of furniture can double up as storage. Hidden compartments can be fitted on sofas and ottoman benches in living room spaces. Moreover, beds can also house large storage compartments enough to hold beddings and other items. Hidden storage spaces optimize the use of space and blend in seamlessly with interior designs.

Redesign Your Storage.

Most of the inbuilt storage units fitted into homes do not optimize space. The drawers are often few and storage compartments are not customized to house your specific belongings. You can redesign your storage spaces to house specific possessions. Optimize the dimensions of storage units and incorporate fittings that increase the functionality of your storage units.

Use Wall Spaces

Floor space is limited but wall space is at least three times more. Therefore, installing storage units on the walls while sparing floor space optimizes the use of living space. Wall mounted storage fixtures are a great storage solution. They accentuate the interior design of homes and serve as extra storage space. You can opt for open or closed storage units and incorporate unique light designs.

Use Versatile Storage Units

For good economy of space, use storage units that double up on other functions. In your bedroom, the study table can house drawers for personal belongings. Your vanity table can also double up as a storage unit for make-up kits, jewellery and small belongings. As a result, your bedroom can accommodate numerous storage spaces.

Free Standing Closet

Closed and open closets are great for housing clothes. However, if the space is not enough you can add a free standing closet to your collection. It’s an open plan storage system that takes up minimal space. Free standing closets are great for bedrooms but their unique style make it a good centerpiece for other spaces, especially when used to hang your most unique collections. You can use free standing closets for home staging.

Design and Style

Aside from housing belongings, storage spaces can serve as stylistic accents in living spaces. Therefore, you can redesign and style storage areas to improve the aesthetic appeal of different spaces. Open closets have a unique visual appeal. By organizing your belongings according to color you can form a visual mosaic on your wall with an open closet. Moreover, the door panels on closed closets present an opportunity to style the wall. You can install a mirror or wallpaper on the panels to enhance the theme in a particular room. Designing the closet ensures you maximize the visual appeal of storage units within a space.

There are other unique ways you can maximize your storage space. You only need to be creative and daring enough to execute your ideas.


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