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Custom Sheet Metal: 5 Key Uses

Making metal pipes and tubes in an engineering factory

The sheet metal industry is booming right now. It’s worth more than $70 billion globally at the moment, and it’s expected to grow to be worth almost $90 billion by the end of the 2020s.

Custom sheet metal, in particular, has blossomed into a big business in recent years. Companies can use custom sheet metal fabrication in so many different ways, which has helped this segment of the industry grow by leaps and bounds.

Want to learn about some of the ways in which custom bent sheet metal can be used? Check out five key uses of custom sheet metal below.

1. Creating Bodies for Cars

The bodies of cars are typically made out of sheet metal. More specifically, they’re made out of custom sheet metal that has been designed to give cars a certain look and feel.

It would be pretty much impossible for the automotive industry to function in the way that it does without custom-cut sheet metal.

2. Building Airplane Fuselages and Wings

The aircraft industry is another industry that’s also dependent on custom sheet metal. Without it, it would be very difficult for airplane manufacturers to build fuselages and wings for their aircraft a vital component in the history of aviation.

Sheet metal needs to be cut just right to ensure that planes are able to operate in the way that they’re supposed to. These fabrication projects are often very detailed in nature.

3. Customizing HVAC Ductwork

When new ductwork is being put into a building, it has to fit into all kinds of nooks and crannies that are usually situated behind walls and in other hard-to-reach places. This makes custom sheet metal a must in the HVAC industry.

HVAC specialists have been trained to use custom sheet metal to wrap ductwork throughout the buildings in which they’re working. It would be tough for them to incorporate ductwork into a building if it wasn’t custom cut.

4. Making Medical Tables

There are all kinds of ways that custom sheet metal is used within the medical industry. It’s utilized to create everything from imaging equipment to surgical instruments.

It’s also utilized to manufacture the medical tables that play a key role within the industry. These medical tables are life-saving devices that are built from scratch using custom sheet metal.

5. Putting Together Hoppers

Hoppers are the large containers used in the production industry to house everything from grain to gravel. They’re constructed out of custom sheet metal that gives them their unique shape.

There are also other pieces of equipment used in the production industry that owe their existence to custom sheet metal. It’s just one more way in which custom sheet metal can be used in this day and age.

How Can You Use Custom Sheet Metal?

As you can see, custom sheet metal can be used for lots of different things. You should see how it might be able to benefit you.

Google “custom sheet metal fabrication near me” to speak with a custom sheet metal manufacturer. They can shed some light on the other uses for custom sheet metal.

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