Easy Measures To Keep Your Apartment Pest-Free

March 26, 2021

Living in an apartment has upsides and downsides. You have limited space, and it is easy to clean and maintain. But pests are always a challenge for apartment dwellers because they find a favorable environment to survive and breed here. Moreover, there are good chances of bugs and rodents moving in as tenants come and go. Since the problem is challenging, you need a strategic plan to keep your living space pest-free, even if it is a small two-bedroom apartment. Here are some easy measures that Australian apartment dwellers rely on to avoid creepy crawlies.

Ensure good maintenance before moving in

Your defense plan against bugs and rodents should start even before you move in. Check the place thoroughly and ensure that it is well-maintained. Any cracks and holes in doors and windows serve as entry points, so make sure there are none. Have a good look around and see if you can see any telltale signs of infestation. You can watch out for droppings, wings, and strange smells. Places that have dirt, dust, and moisture build-up are also pest-prone. Avoid renting the place or ask the owner to address the maintenance requirements before signing the contract.

Act fast if you see suspicious signs

At times, you may come to know about an infestation only after moving in. It could happen because you rented the place in a hurry or there wasn’t anything amiss when you first visited it. You cannot undo things, but acting quickly can save you from a full-blown infestation. Cockroaches are common in Sydney homes, so connected with a reliable Cockroach Control Service in Sydney when you spot the first intruder in your living space. There could be mosquitoes, spiders, and even rodents around. The sooner you get them to work, the better because apartments have many hiding places for these tiny pests. While emergency services are a savior, you must also schedule periodic pest control to keep your place clean and bug-free.

Be a step ahead with a preventive approach

An aggressive pest control treatment is your best line of defense, but you must also be a step ahead with a preventive approach between services. Cleanliness is not an option, no matter how compact or large your home is. Vacuuming the apartment once a week should be the rule of thumb. Pay extra attention to the kitchen because it is the most vulnerable area. Pests love to feast on food crumbs and leftovers, so clean the floor and countertop every night. Storing food out of reach and in airtight containers is important. Check leaks and get them repaired immediately because moisture offers the best breeding place for cockroaches and mosquitoes. Have covered bins to dispose of waste and empty them in sealed receptacles regularly.

Even a small apartment is your home, and it deserves all attention you can give. Just a little effort with pest control measures can keep your place safe from these unwanted guests. Stay a step ahead of these intruders and take a proactive and preventive approach with the right steps at the right time.


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