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Energy-Efficient Tips for Industrial Buildings

You can find that industrial buildings are the most important in manufacturing different materials and products. Most of the time, businesses need to rely on industrial buildings because it’s how they get most of their profits. However, industrial buildings need to learn how to achieve energy-efficiency.

Nowadays, industrial buildings can find different methods to cut down their costs, and one of those is by adding energy-efficient components and features. If you have an industrial building, ensure that you learn the correct methods to achieve energy efficiency. You should expect significant improvement within your industrial building after learning the different ways.

Frequent HVAC Maintenance

An industrial building always needs to have the HVAC system running when people are working. You need to know that HVAC systems eat up a ton of electricity every day, so you need to find ways to reduce their energy consumption. Turning it off is never a good idea while there are still people inside the building because it will make everyone uncomfortable.

You can make your HVAC systems perform well without consuming too much electricity through regular maintenance. Some industrial building owners tend to forget about maintaining them, which would result in the HVAC system eating up a ton of electricity within a single day. Worn-out HVAC components will need to work twice as hard to provide quality interior cooling or heating.

A good tip is to have an HVAC technician come to your building to do the maintenance at least twice every year. Others would even have them do the job twice a month. Usually, it will depend on how extensive your HVAC system is and how much it gets used within a day. You can always call a professional HVAC technician to tell you when are the best times to conduct the maintenance.

Proper Lighting Systems

Another way you can achieve energy-efficiency within your industrial building is through quality lighting and electrical systems. If you notice that you have not updated your building for a long time, you should not waste time getting the latest lighting and electrical systems installed. Like with an unmaintained HVAC system, the lighting and electrical systems can also waste energy if not taken care of properly.

You should replace outdated lighting systems like fluorescent lights because they consume more electricity than LED lights. They also have minuscule traces of Mercury inside them, which is dangerous to anyone. You have to dispose of them carefully once they burn out, whereas you can simply throw worn-out lights right away without a problem.

Besides doing system updates and maintenance, you should also consider using natural light. Your industrial building will benefit from the natural light greatly since you’re not using electricity to turn on the lights inside. Most industrial buildings would usually take advantage of a flat panel skylight roof hatch because of how effective it is at letting light pass through.

Electrical Maintenance

Your entire industrial building can never operate effectively without a maintained electrical system. The system distributes electricity to different areas within the building, ensuring that every machine, gadget, appliance, or system can function. However, a time will come when it will encounter unforeseeable issues.

In some cases, the electrical issues are so severe that you may need to spend on expensive electrical repairs, putting the building in a tight spot. You can avoid any expensive electrical repairs by having them maintained constantly. Usually, industrial buildings will have on-site electricians that constantly check the electrical systems, including electrical wires, panels, outlets, etc.

Never Leave Energy-Consuming Machines and Appliances Running

Everyone in your building needs to avoid leaving air conditioners, lights, appliances, or anything that consumes electricity to leave it running when not in use. Some of your building staff or employees might think that the cleaners can turn them off, but that should never be the case. After every shift, you need to turn off everything in your workstation unless another person replaces your shift.

Don’t forget to keep in mind the different ways to create an energy-efficient industrial building. Achieving energy-efficiency is one of the best ways any industrial building owner can cut down on expensive building budgets. You can allocate the extra budget to other crucial elements in keeping your building functioning effectively.

Crystal Simmons
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