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How to Buy Hole Punches for Home Craft Projects

You must be familiar with the two-hole punches that you used for storing your documents in files. But with hole punches nowadays, you can get many shapes and symbols besides the regular circular shape to create some fantastic papercrafts.

Hole punches are a great way by which you can create uniform shapes. It’s the soul of any craft project. However, finding the right hole punch for your craft project is not easy.

You might need a classic circle or square shape or perhaps a heart or snowflake design for more intricate crafts. You could need smaller holes for bordering or kick up your corners. So, it’s a lot that you need to think about.

Here are a few things that you should consider while shopping for hole punches for home craft projects.

Cuts Through Different Materials

Your paper punch might not work on all paper types. So, you need to consider the texture and thickness of the paper before buying one. Some materials such as corrugated cardboard, scrapbook paper, and cardstocks are quite thick to cut through.

If you wish to use any of it in your papercraft, look for punchers designed explicitly for thick materials.

Look For The Style You Want

If your kid has just started crafting, then you must choose a scallop circle or circle punch. Scallop circles, circles, squares are the most basic shapes you’ll need for almost every craft. However, as you gradually grow your collection and learn more skills, you can add shapes like butterfly, flower, square, star, heart, etc.

The shaped hole punch comes in different designs, making it simple to create a multitude of punches. Similarly, if you need a punch hole just for borders, you can go for a scroll punch. It’s perfect to create a die-cut border for your cards, scrapbook, or gift wrapping. It comes with a lock that helps to get a uniform stacking and punching in perfect alignment.

Size You Need For your Craft

Every hole punch comes in different graduated sizes. So, you should know the size you wish to use in your craft. For example, a large two or 2.5inch circle scallop is perfect for creating medallions, layered embellishments, and patterns. You can also use the bigger circle as a base for your smaller circles to create a variety of nesting paper designs.

Simple to Use

When you look for hole punches for your kids, you need to ensure it’s simple to use. Punches that have a lever on top and are to be pressed are great for kids. The design helps them to get clean edges without much effort. Some three-hole punches come in a variety of shapes and designs.

Sturdy Design

Look for a design that’s built to last. You’ll probably not want to change frequently. It should have durable plastic housing so that it does not break easily. Try to go for sleek profiles as they are easier to handle, especially if your kids use them. The grip should be comfortable and slip-resistant for easy handling.

Locking Mechanism

You should pay attention to the locking mechanisms to ensure safety during handling and storage. The sliding mechanism is easy to work with, as it’s usually located at the bottom of the punch. As you slide the lock towards the centre, it will unlock and, to lock it, you can push it back. Hole punches with a sliding lock are easy to store too.

There are many brands, and hence, you have a lot of options to choose from. You can consider all the points mentioned above to buy the right hole punch for your craft projects. If you have a good-quality puncher, you can be assured of creating some wow projects.


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