How to Sell Your House Through a Realtor in Vancouver

March 11, 2021

Selling a house is potentially a very emotional time, depending on why you’re selling. If you’re upgrading, then it could also be fascinating. Regardless though, when dealing with Vancouver real estate, you still need to work through a process and make sure you have all the paperwork in place along the way. The best way to do that is by appointing a Realtor Vancouver professional. Although, please note that open house restrictions may apply and impact your process. Don't worry, though, because you have access to virtual tours and streaming tools that will help you sell your property successfully.

How to Sell Property with a Realtor Vancouver professional

  • Research and interview a few to find your perfect partner
  • Get your house ready for viewings.
  • Review current market conditions and agree on a pricing strategy
  • Evaluate the marketing strategy
  • Leverage your Realtor Vancouver professional through the offer and negotiation phase
  • The final phase of acceptance and transfer of deeds

Find your Realtor Vancouver professional.

The first step when facing Vancouver real estate is to find the person you want to work with. You can develop a strong partnership such that you sell your house in the best possible way. Of course, you’ll have to do your research and interview a few agents first, though. Also, it’s good to have an idea of your timings. This is a way for you to make sure that you’re aligned with whoever you choose to work with.

An excellent way to compare agents is by reviewing the agreement templates and their references and track record. Another option is to go to open house days. Although, please note that free house events might have restrictions in place to help prevent the spread of covid 19.

Prepare your Property

Once you have appointed your Realtor Vancouver professional, you need to make sure that you get your home ready. An obvious point to make is that it should be clean and tidy. Nevertheless, you should also consider boxing up some of your items, such as family photos that won’t mean anything to anyone else. While this can be tough emotionally, it’s also helpful for your house to look the best. If you’re not sure, though, ask your agent to advise you.

This is also the time that you can do some minor repairs and repainting. Essentially, you’re trying to put your house in the best possible light to attract potential buyers for the top price. Remember to quiz your potential agents about their digital tools also because this might be helpful these days. For example, virtual tours and live streaming events are increasingly popular. You can also organize some virtual staging to make your marketing photos fit for a top-notch brochure.

For all live streaming events, contact your Realtor. Remember, though, that there are listing details for options to expand your marketing approach. Either way, work with your Realtor and explore listing strategies such that people can both view your house online and offline. Even if restrictions for open houses seem daunting, you shouldn't worry because of the power to view properties virtually Realtor-led. This is all about supporting the region to help reduce the spread of covid 19.

Pricing Strategy

Pricing is always an important consideration. You might therefore decide to do an official valuation. However, you don’t necessarily need one. Your Realtor Vancouver professional should advise you based on the current market and any recent trends. It’s worth remembering that a property might have a particular value, often depending on how many km away from services such as shops and restaurants. Regardless, what’s important is how much the market is willing to pay. These don’t necessarily coincide, so timing is another critical factor to agree with your agent.

Marketing Strategy

Once you know how you’re going to pitch your property, then you need to go out there and spread the word. A great Realtor Vancouver professional should be able to leverage both online and offline tools. These don’t just refer to virtual tours and live streaming events but also apps such as listings and options to view properties.

Your marketing strategy will vary according to building type and which area you’re in. Also, nearby locations of restaurants, shops, or even schools will make an impact. As you’d expect, you’ll specify exact bedrooms bathrooms information on your real estate listings. You can even compare similar properties in realtor agents’ listings to give you an idea of your competition. Although, again, you should leverage all the digital tools available to you for open houses, please note the potential restrictions.


A Realtor Vancouver professional offers you potentially exceptional support when it comes to negotiating. Even if you’re the best negotiator, it isn’t easy to keep the emotions away when it comes to your own house. You'll most probably see things differently to the potential buyer, but a great agent will steer you professionally and calmly.

Final Phase

Assuming the negotiations go smoothly, there are still conditions that need to be met, such as financial approvals. Furthermore, there’s a period for any final building checks to happen, as stated in the buyer agreement. Again, you can rely on your agent to maneuver through this phase on your behalf.

Parting Words on working with a Realtor Vancouver professional

Selling a house and dealing with Vancouver real estate can be stressful and so you will most probably appreciate working with a Realtor. They bring insight and expertise that you could never have even if you manage to do the most thorough research. Realtors talk to people in their network and support services such as lawyers and lenders who can all provide inside information. All this can be useful in putting together the best strategy and marketing approach to sell your property at the ultimate price.


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