Important Steps for Getting Your House Ready to Sell

March 6, 2021

Depending on your locale, market demand and a variety of other factors, selling a home can be an uphill battle. It’s not unusual for some houses to spend years on the market, which can place homeowners in an inconvenient and financially cumbersome situation. While there’s no definitive method for selling a home in an expedient manner, there are numerous steps sellers can take to make properties more appealing to prospective buyers. Whether your residence is currently up for sale or soon will be, the following pointers are likely to serve you well.

Fix Any Outstanding Issues

With the exception of experienced house-flippers, no one relishes purchasing a home with outstanding aesthetic, electrical or structural issues. In addition to being cumbersome to deal with, these issues can cost a fortune to fix. Given how expensive homes are in general, the last thing most buyers want is to spend more money. Furthermore, attempting to sell a home with outstanding issues will almost certainly require you to substantially lower your asking price. McGraw Realtors advise their customers to take the time to assess what the problems are and how much time and money they will cost.

That being the case, it’s imperative that you address any unresolved issues before placing the property up for sale. While this will entail spending money, it will also enable you to command a higher asking price and increase your chances of attracting willing buyers. When working to resolve outstanding issues, you’ll need the assistance of an experienced contractor. The right contractor can be a boon to your home-selling efforts and remedy any issues you’re dealing with in a timely and professional manner. Home sellers in the market for a dependable contractor are urged to fire up their favorite search engines and search for “contractors near me”.


If your home’s current paint-job is beginning to show its age, repainting can be a great way to make the property more visually appealing. Paint-jobs that have begun to crack or peel will absolutely need to be updated. While repainting is relatively inexpensive compared to other home improvements, many buyers will be put off by the idea of spending additional resources on a new paint-job. Additionally, since first impressions are vitally important in the real estate game, a worn-out paint-job is unlikely to make prospective purchasers want a look inside.

Repainting doesn’t have to mean using the home’s existing color, either. Before proceeding to slap on a fresh coat of paint, consult with your realtor to determine which colors are most likely to generate interest.

Aggressive Decluttering

In advance of showing your home to prospective buyers or giving virtual tours, you’ll need to do some decluttering. When people survey potential residences, they like to envision what their lives would look like in these spaces. Unsurprisingly, this can prove somewhat difficult if a home is packed to the brim with clutter. With this in mind, take care to clear clutter out of key areas of your home in preparation for your move. If there are no opportune spaces to store the clutter, consider renting an outside storage unit until you’re able to relocate.

Keeping a Tidy Yard

As previously stated, first impressions are absolutely crucial when it comes to home selling. Since your yard is among the first things passersby notice, it’s in your best interest to stay on top of yard maintenance. This means mowing your lawn on a regular basis and keeping your yard free of wayward items. As most parents know, keeping a tidy yard can prove difficult if you have small children who regularly play outside. To help ensure that this doesn’t become an issue, make a point of cleaning up your children’s toys – or having them pick up after themselves – after each outdoor play session.

As any seasoned real estate pro can attest, selling a home isn’t always easy. A broad assortment of factors ultimately determines how quickly a home will sell, as well as the type of price its owners can reasonably command. Unsurprisingly, most sellers want to find interested buyers as quickly as possible, especially if being able to afford their own relocation is dependent upon the successful sale of their current residence. Although there’s no magic wand solution to slow home sales, taking the measures discussed above can increase your chances of finding the right buyer in a timely manner.


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