Industrial Lighting Ideas: Give Your Home a Touch

March 16, 2021

industrial lighting ideasTake a second and think of the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words "industrial décor." You're probably thinking of bare metal, functional pieces that have no design or innovation. This couldn't be further from the truth: industrial-inspired farmhouse décor can actually be very soft, warm, and inviting. It also gives your home a minimalist and rustic ambiance. With the right furniture, you can transform your home it's a simple and chic space that perfectly combines vintage with modern. Some of the most common features you'll see on industrial lighting are metal shades, bare and exposed bulbs, and wire cages. Read more about these industrial lighting ideas.

Different Styles of Industrial Lighting: Industrial Lighting Ideas

Wall Lighting

There are near endless styles of industrial lighting and décor that can upgrade the look of your home. One of the most popular design styles right now is gooseneck lights, which can be placed interior or exterior to add a straightforward and contemporary style that easily attaches to any wall. Once you see how much this industrial fixture can transform the look and feel of your home, you're going to need gooseneck lights. They're perfect for a kitchen, bathroom, dining room, or as a modern way to add lighting to your porch or the front of your home. Another great benefit to gooseneck lights is they can be powder coated to any design, color, or texture to give your lighting a pop of color and blend seamlessly with your existing décor.

Pendant Lighting

Pendant lights are another popular industrial-inspired lighting design. This lighting fixture style can only be mounted from the ceiling and is often placed in the kitchen or dining room to add some bright light and a contemporary touch. They are available in any finished style, including distressed, solid colors, or powder coated. Whether you pick a metal shade or an exposed, Edison-inspired bulb with a wire cage, pendant lamps give your home a rustic charm that will showcase your décor perfectly.


When you hear the word chandelier, something grand and ostentatious comes to mind. However, this is the exact opposite of what industrial chandelier lighting brings to the table. Instead of being overly prominent, industrial chandeliers offer a practical design accented by geometric and functional touches that won't overpower the room. With a striking look and curling arms, chandeliers give a neat look and cozy lighting that will be the showcase feature of your home without being too much.

Which Bulb is the Right Choice for Industrial Lighting Fixtures?

You may not spend much time thinking about the type of bulb you use in your light fixtures, but it's actually a decision you should consider carefully. The right kind of bulb can make your industrial lighting fixtures look that much better-;or that much worse. Also, which bulb you choose can affect how much you pay every month on your power bill, which is why it's crucial to make the right consideration for your home and your wallet. Here are the five main light bulb styles available.


If you want an environmentally friendly bulb, then LED is the best choice. LED lights are ubiquitous, available everywhere, and exceedingly popular because they come in near-endless styles, colors, and designs. They also have a much longer lifespan than a conventional halogen or incandescent bulb since they last up to 100,000 hours. LED also uses the least power, making them energy-efficient and cost-effective too. They're well-suited to industrial-inspired lighting fixtures and a very prevalent choice due to their excellent versatility and durability.


Halogen bulbs are one of the brightest options available, so if you need very bright light, consider switching to halogen. However, be aware that they also put off a lot of heat and sometimes can have a bright glare. One benefit of halogen lights is that they don't consume a lot of energy, making them a cost-effective choice. If you're looking for floodlighting for your back porch or the exterior of your home, halogen is a good bulb to try because of its bright white and powerful light beam.

Full Spectrum

Full spectrum is the option that can most closely mimic completely natural light. If you spend a lot of time in your home office (and many people do since the pandemic began), then full spectrum lighting is an ideal choice. It's also well-suited for gardens and plants or any area in your home where you want natural-looking light. Full spectrum lighting is also used to help fight off the winter blues when the months turn bitterly cold and dreary. This lighting style is perfect for industrial lighting fixtures and will flood your home with bright light that you'd swear came from the sun.


Incandescent is the traditional or conventional light bulb that used to be so common in households before LED tech hit the market. They work by using an electric current to heat a metal filament inside of the bulb, which causes it to illuminate. Though it's a cost-effective lighting solution, they're not as powerful, and they don't last very long. Their lifespan tops out at about 1000 hours, so you will be replacing them often if you choose this bulb.

Fluorescent: Industrial Lighting Ideas

Just hearing the word fluorescent can recall dentists' offices and that high-pitched, annoying buzz that seems to come from everywhere and nowhere all at once. Fluorescent lights can be so much more than that, though, and come in designs much more attractive than just two long tubes in a metal frame. They're actually quite versatile, and also very energy efficient because surprisingly, they only use about 1/5 of the wattage of an incandescent bulb. Fluorescent lighting is perfect for industrial lighting fixtures and the bulbs come available as a large tube, or in the traditional bulb shape.

Industrial Lighting: Industrial Lighting Ideas

Most people think industrial lighting is best suited for factories and warehouses, but in the past few years, there has been a considerable uptick in the popularity of industrial-inspired lighting and décor. Whether it's for your barn, garage, kitchen, bathroom, or dining room, industrial style lighting is the perfect mixture of versatility, function, and clean lines that give your home a simple yet chic touch. Many people enjoy the stark beauty that industrial lighting fixtures give any home, whether they choose pendant style, gooseneck, or even a chandelier. Consider upgrading to industrial lighting fixtures to transform your drab house into the contemporary and modern home you've always wanted. Read more on Urban Splatter.






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