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Mazury – the green heart of Poland

Mazury is a region located in the North-East part of Poland. Oftentimes, referred to as the green heart of Poland, a land of thousand lakes or the land of great Mazurian lakes. The region offers spectacular views, endless waterways and a multitude of opportunities to spend your holidays creating unforgettable memories among green hills, forests and countless lakes. Here is why Mazury is your perfect travel destination in Poland.

The land of great lakes…

Possibly, one of the most characteristic trait of the region is the number of lakes scattered across the land and formed in the process of deglaciation during the Pleistocene era. Although Mazury are sometimes called the land of thousand lakes, this is not entirely true. The actual number is close to two thousand six hundred and among them you will find some of the largest and deepest lakes in Poland. Śniardwy lake cover the total area of 113,4 km2, Hańcza goes as deep as 108,5 metres and Jeziorak is 27,45 kilometres long. All of Mazurian reservoirs are connected with a series of canals dating back to the 19th century which allow for swift and easy transportation of yachts and sailboats between the lakes. The canals are a gateway to the yachting paradise and nearly 500 km2 of waterways and sailing routes allowing you to spend your holidays without the need of getting off your boat for hours on end.

… and charming cities

The beautiful region of Mazury, however, is not only about the lakes. If boats are not your thing you will surely find a great pleasure in wandering the narrow streets of relatively small lakeside cities, which offer unique vibe. Take Mikołajki, for example. This historic city that dates back to the late 15th century is now one of the most popular location in Mazury and informal sailing capital of Poland. You can stay in one of city’s modern hotels or enjoy the tasty meal by the pier. Mrągowo will let you experience first-hand the annual Piknik Country – a country music festival first introduced in 1989. You may also want to visit Giżycko with its Boyen stronghold, Teutonic castle and still functioning rotating bridge on the Giżycko canal. Getting between the cities will also give you an amazing opportunity to enjoy some of the great winding roads that will take you through the hills, valleys and thick forests during your tour of Poland.

Traces of military history

The region is also filled with the historic remains of World War II. The world-famous Wolf’s Lair Nazi headquarters and command centre during Operation Barbarossa is just half an hour drive Giżycko. Although today the Wolf’s Lair is largely in ruins, there are plenty of strongholds and reinforced bunkers to be found in the area. Nearby Mamerki complex houses a museum where you can navigate narrow corridors and learn WWII history. Mazury and WWII supposedly have one more mystery waiting to be solved. A legendary Amber Room stolen during the war disappeared forever and many believe it is hidden in the thick forests of Mazury. A hunt for treasure continues up to this day with researchers using the latest equipment hoping to find the stolen works of art.

Make the best of it

With such a multitude of options, places to see and possibilities to explore it makes a lot of sense to reach to professionals who will help you choose the right itinerary. One such trusted travel partner for your travels is a Polish travel agency ITS Poland. Their incredible knowledge and experience will make the entire planning process a breeze and you are guaranteed to have nothing but pleasant experience along the way.



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