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Professional Cleaners Share Their 5 Biggest House Cleaning Secrets!


Do you want to clean your home so that it actually looks clean when you’re finished?

If so, you’ve probably been thinking to yourself how professional cleaners are able to do such a good job.

Is it the equipment? Is it the technique? Is it magic?

In this article, you are going to find out exactly how to make it happen. Keep reading to learn about the five most important professional cleaning tips you need to know.

1. Invest in a Good Vacuum Cleaner

If you’re looking for the best cleaning tips from professionals, the first thing you really need to consider is the quality of your vacuum cleaner. Your vacuum cleaner is the workhorse of your cleaning jobs.

What you need is a vacuum cleaner with high suction, high collection capacity, and versatile fittings. This is particularly important to protect your family from dust allergies.

2. Vacuum Before Wiping

When it comes to professional speed cleaning tips, you are going to get the job done a lot faster if you vacuum before you start wiping. This goes for floors and other surfaces.

Vacuuming first just means you are going to pick up all the loose debris, stopping it from spreading around when you are trying to wipe it away. Now, make sure you disinfect surfaces to protect your family’s health.

3. Get the Right Products

You need the right tool for the right job. There is no point in employing professional cleaning tips and tricks if you just don’t have the products you need to cut through the grime.

Professional cleaners often use cleaning products from OTT Safety Gear. These products cover a wide range of uses and can get rid of most buildups on most surfaces.

4. Tidy Before Cleaning

Another one of the best speed cleaning tips from professional cleaners is to get your house in order before you actually start cleaning. The reason you should do this is that cleaning becomes a lot less efficient if you are having to clean in and around things.

It’s best to just get everything off the floor, clear all the surfaces, and then just clean.

5. Clean Top to Bottom

This is perhaps one of the most important professional cleaning tips if you want to work fast and effectively.

Gravity makes things fall, right? So, if you clean the floor and then go and clean the benchtop, you may end up having to clean the floor again because debris falls down.

So, save yourself the effort and go top to bottom.

Professional Cleaning Tips Will Only Get You Half Way

Now you have the critical professional cleaning tips you need to get underway with your own cleaning jobs around the house. But you have to remember that these tips are not absolute magic.

There is still one ingredient you always have to bring yourself: perseverance. So, when you’re scrubbing or sweeping, make sure you aren’t imagining everything will be sparkling in five minutes.

Put some music on, and enjoy the process!

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