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Setting Up The Perfect Aquarium In Your Office

Companies all over the world are striving to create a healthy work environment for their employees, and stress-relief is a priority for most of them. This is why many work places have incorporated a fish tank in their premises: it promotes mental wellbeing in various ways. Studies have found that watching fish swim in an Aquarium can reduce stress and anxiety, decrease heart rate, ease muscle tension, and boost feelings of relaxation. All these health benefits can result in productivity and job satisfaction, so there’s no better time than the present to care for live fish in your place of work. If you’re planning to add a fish tank in your work place or home office, here’s a guide to setting up an aesthetically pleasing aquarium.

Get a large tank for maximum impact

If you’ve got the space for it, choose the largest tank that you can get for your office. You’ll find that it’s much more enjoyable keeping a large aquarium, since it looks better, and your fish and plants will thrive when they have lots of space in the tank. Koi fish, in particular, will need a large aquarium: a typical koi grows to the size of 24 to 36 inches. When stocking the tank, follow the one inch of fish per gallon of water rule to ensure that your fish stay healthy and happy. You can keep about 50 small to medium freshwater fish in a 100 gallon tank and have lots of space for plants and accessories, while the same tank can hold only two koi fish because koi need at least 50 gallons of water apiece.

Find the right place for your tank

In some cultures, it is believed that aquarium placement can influence your career or enhance your wealth. According to feng shui, the tank should be placed in the southeast corner of your office for wealth and prosperity. Meanwhile, if you want the aquarium to serve as a living piece of art, have it in the reception area, or place it in the main conference room or meeting room. You can even have it in the break room so that employees can enjoy looking at the fish during their meal breaks. You may also choose to have a custom built tank which can act as a divider in a room, or have it built into the wall.

Choose sophisticated accessories

For an office aquarium, it’s best to look for sophisticated accessories to enhance the vibe of your fish tank. Instead of plastic toys or kitschy items, look for miniature ruins or statue heads, sunken ships, and the like. Don’t forget to add lighting to bring out the color of your fish.

Having a fish tank in your office can be incredibly calming, and it gives anyone who sees it an instant boost of happiness. Consider having an aquarium in your workplace, and enjoy the health benefits of caring for live fish.

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