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The best underground attractions by ITS DMC Poland

Poland is very rich in underground attractions. There are natural ones such as picturesque caves but also underground attractions created by men. People created outstanding mine labyrinths. They are connected foremost with salt, coal and silver mining. Next, there are very mysterious places connected with the darkest world histories of WWII. Finally, there are numerous underground routs in towns connected with trade cellars. Underground Poland is something that you definitely won’t forget. Discover these marvels with specialists of ITS Poland, one of the best DMCs in Poland.

Underground attractions by ITS DMC Poland:

1. Natural caves: Raj Cave, Niedzwiedzia Cave

2. Mines: Bochnia Salt Mine, Wieliczka Salt Mine, Kłodawa Salt Mine

3. War bunker Riese Complex: Włodarz, Walim, Osówka, Książ

Top 5 underground attractions by ITS DMC Poland:

Raj Cave (English: Paradise Cave) is situated in the St. Cross Mountains, one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world. The cave has very rich stalactite, stalagmite and pillars formations and also even pearl caves. The cave is opened for tourists all year round but the number of people that can enter this ecosystem daily is limited, so it is good to book in advance. ITS DMC Poland also offers tours that join visiting this place with sightseeing of Checiny Castle Ruins and Leonardo da Vinci Science Centre, both in the vicinity of the cave.

Bear Cave is situated in the Sudetes Mountain Range in small Kletno village. The cave is bigger than Raj Cave and also has impressive geological rock formations. ITS Poland advices to book this cave long in advance. Without prior booking it is impossible to visit the cave in the summer tourist season due to limited cave entrances and huge number of tourists wanting to see the place.

Bochnia and Wieliczka Salt Mines are both enlisted at UNESCO World Heritage List. The mines were operating in Poland since middle ages. They are also both close by to the former capital of Poland Cracow and also the most important tourist destination in the country nowadays. They both explored the greyish-green salt deposits of Małopolska region. Wieliczka is particularly famous for its beautiful underground salt lakes. Both mines are opened to tourists all year round and offer multimedia interesting sightseeing routes. ITS Poland DMC advises also to join these mines sightseeing with the brine graduation tower and Żupny Castle sightseeing in Wieliczka and Nowy Wisnicz or Niepołomice Palaces sightseeing on the way to Bochnia Salt Mine.

Riese Complex : Włodarz, Walim, Osówka and Książ, is one of the biggest mysteries of WWII and a topic of infinite number of conspiracy theories. The huge underground city project with the headquarters for Adolf Hitler himself is a marvellous topic for speculation and history research. Nowadays, the biggest and the most important points are probably Włodarz and Książ routes but all Riese elements are really worth visiting by history enthusiasts. ITS DMC Poland advises to have one guide hired for all these elements, if you don’t speak Polish as not all the museums offer multilanguage translations.

Summing up, the underground Poland is something really worth to behold and discover. Four underground attractions in UNESCO World Heritage Lists, huge diversity of attractions situated in almost all parts of the country makes all tourists and DMCs in Poland truly happy. Take the amazing journey through the underground mysteries of the country with ITS DMC Poland, contact our professional group specialists to start your Polish adventure still today!




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